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Conor27: Early morning, as I look toward the west, I see a glimmer of hope. A building off in the distance recives its first sunlight. Here the glass and metallic structure gives of a pinkish grey hue. A beautiful sight to see from which not long ago was dark and lost in the nights sky. Here in my vessel I look up to a model scooner on top the shelf, not changing, not going anywhere. My vessel is stationary and lost without a purpose, but with wind and water this model will travel anywhere and reach destinations never thought. It comes to me, that as the tides of time change, so does my day. It gets brighter in the west and the light is a symbol of hope, that as I am here with my model I have a new way to cope, for my vessel is no longer being held by a rope.
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tstarr8481: Wonderful..........
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