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AN OPEN LETTER TO ALL A%x%*x^~/Bxw$xy$!!

I find myself in a extremely pissed off mood currently! I have just been the victim of either a horrible practical joke or a Colossal misunder standing! Whichever it was, it was in very poor F#*&x% taste and borderd on CRIMINAL! When Police officers misrepresent themselves it is called entrapment...which is HIGHLY ILLEGAL!! Now im not exactly sure how it goes for private citezens that do it on the internet, but believe me I AM looking into it!! I was just ATTACKED by a "mother" who was signed in under her daughters screen name, or so was her story!! She proceeded to tell me her daughter was only 15, and that It is illegal for me to be talking to her. This is after she pretended to BE HER DAUGHTER for a good 15 minutes...trying to get me to cyber and other shit of that nature!!! Now if this person TRULY WAS HER MOUTHER...than she is obviously 1. misinformed greatly about International Internet Laws, and 2. F*z&zy in the head SEVERLY!!! What kind of parent would try to trap someone like that??!!! I have to believe that this action is illegal somehow!! I was under the impression that her daughter was 19 years old, I mean what the hell do ppl on the net have to draw from, other than the word of who you are speaking to??!! ARE WE SUPPOSE TO ASK FOR A FAXED, NOTARIZED COPY OF THEIR ID??!!! IF if was NOT her mother, but a friend, trying to be cute, that is EVEN F~yx$w@ WORSE!! That misrepresentation could get that friend in A LOT of trouble. The same reasons apply to them...THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHO THEY COULD BE TALKING TO!!! And to pretend to be a parent, and to f*#* with someone like that is TOTALLY NOT FUNNY, and borders on PSYCHOTIC! This whole ordeal has cause me to rethink my internet chat room practices!! Either we have overzelous parents, who automatically assume that it's the persons fault on the other end of the screen, and never take into accout that their children misrepresent their Fyw~&%@ AGE!! OR...we have PSYCHOTIC DUMBASS PPL who like to fx$% with others in the worst way. Either way, it's going to ruin, or put a serious crippleing effect on chatrooms and IM programs if ppl continue to act like F~%^@z$ MORONS!! Get your act together ppl, you can't expect to f%^@ with someone like this and not have your actions bring consequenses!