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We love you, you have given everyone a wonderful thing called wireclub. However Rod, you are an absent ruler, a missing father, and a ghost. You promise things in your blogs, that you do not follow through on, even though you may intend to, you fall short. Rod, W.C. is going downhill rather quickly, and I hate to see it cause I really like this place. It just seems that you don't care anymore, you created something great, and it seemed to be doing you just left it on it's own. Well, that's not good, some things left on their own flourish, W.C. is not one of them. This community has become an online bitchfest, it used to be fun, and while I can't say the fun of W.C. is totally gone, it is certainly decreasing rapidly!! What's worse is you seem to not care. I understand you are busy, but how long does it take to write a general blog addressing the issues, and what your opinion is on the problems?! I am an online person, which is to say, an any given day my online time averages about 10-14 hours, divided all between work, school, email, W.C., and miscellaneous. W.C. is my relax time, a place to come and blow off steam, or at least it used to be. Now, unfortunately it is becoming a home for aw*~#y$* and pervs, a haven for the uncouth and morose. Please don't misunderstand me Rod, I am all for fooling around, and acting like an idiot, I do that constantly, however more and more of your members are crossing the line. They seem to forget that they are talking to REAL ppl, albeit through a computer, however there is still a real live person on the other end. I think one of the main problems, is that you have a great number of under agers signing up, as is reflected by many ppls maturity lvls. They are the ones that tend to lack class, and just basic decency, which the older members seem to have a grasp of. I am writing completely out of concern for your online community, if I didn't care, I would just laugh, say f&#z this shit, and delete my account, however that is not the case. I just think you need to make your presence known more often, take a more active role, let it be known that all this juvenile bullshit won't continue. I wish I was exaggerating, sadly I am not. It just seems that all wireclub is anymore is a place to come to b^&y^ about someone, or to arbitrarily make someone feel bad for no reason other than you can!! It is truly a sad state of affairs, all the hate blogs or blogs intended for the sole purpose of embarrassment of another individual. Any club I see made anymore is intended for the purpose of whining or complaining or b%$w*$%* about someone. All the forums are full of just ...well just ppl trying to one-up one another or plain attacking each other. This is very sad, and it unfortunately shows just how petty and cruel some ppl can be, especially when they don't have to look each other in the eye!! I am not condemning the whole of wireclub, far from it, there are bright spots in the otherwise murky waters of this struggling online community. However, in my experience bright lights don't last too long when surrounded by darkness!! It's a shame that ppl just can't act like actual HUMAN BEINGS, a shame and sad. I hope you at least take a look at what your once proud and amazing creation is becoming Rod, before it's too late to do anything about it. Soon all that will be left are a%y&@z%@, and who wants to join a community of a@z%~%@~?



I remember a time, oh not to long ago, when we could just come online, have a few laughs, and some good conversation. Things are quite different now unfortunately, W.C. has deteriorated to a gathering place for fools and a&^%y&*@, not to mention the whiners. I know what you’re thinking, and let me stop you right there, YES, I INCLUDE MYSELF IN THESE CATEGORIES!! I think all of us have taken the odd one or two precarious steps into the dark side now and again. However, I would like to believe that “people” are basically good, and it’s society and the world that makes them great big whiney Fz%w bags! That being said however, I must address a few things I have seen as of late, as it pertains to W.C. As I said earlier, wire used to be fun, I used to love coming online after work or whatever I was doing that day, and just blowing off some steam online. Now, it’s more of a morbid curiosity, to find out what the latest drama is, not to mention the fact it’s like cw#w#… KNOW it’s bad for you….you just can’t help yourself. I find it somewhat amusing the things that an online community has to bz&*~ about. “OMG…he/she blogged my whole conversation!” “How many accounts does this poser have?” “ Well this person isn’t contributing to the conversation….KICKED” HAHAHA….”OMG I just got kicked for nothing..WAAAHHHHHH!!!” “I heard that RAMFIST84, said SLUTOLOTTA69, was talking to WANK4PROFIT2, and every KNOWS he’s Edating CHOKESONDICK41!!!!” Ummmm….3 words WHAT THE Fw$w??!! Personally I’m surprised everyone isn’t cracking up over all the f*y%@x& silliness that happens on a daily basis!! I mean ..SERIOUSLY people….can you imagine what the world would be like if we acted like this in our daily lives…CAN YA??!!! WELL??!!! To quote a member of wire club that shall remain nameless, or Enameless…or NICless….whatever the f^*& you wanna call it…..”wire club has become, or most likely has always been a grown up playground!!” AmEN phantom quote person….it’s all tantamount to who gets to go down the slide first…or who gets to be king of the mountain , or who gets to swing with the “COOL” kids….please GOD save me!!! W.C. as with most online communities, that I’m aware of, are suppose to be for ages 18 and up, which would make one think that people would have a certain level of maturity about them,….well….you’d be wrong….sooo wrong…..soooo very very VERY VERY WRONG!!! W.C. as it exists today is nothing more than a nursery for POSERS, WHORES, CRONES, Ax^wx~zw, Bz~&^#w, and DRAMAQUEENS, all wanting to be the most popular baby, and get the most attention!!! I know what some of you must be thinking right now….”Crash..if you are sooo upset about it just delete your account” , well you misunderstand me, I am not upset about it, well, not enough to delete my account anyways, I am more indifferent and morbidly curious, as I said at the beginning! I find it HILLARIOUS that grown adults can find sooooooo many different ways to make themselves look like aw~&#x~% , idiots, and just plain TOTALLY RIDICULOUS on a regular basis!! Now don’t get me wrong, there are the good people out there, the ones that come on W.C., maybe once a month and just email and say the occasional comment in a chat, and GOD bless’em. I’m glad to see that not everyone can be sucked in the SOUL SUCKING VACUME that is W.C. ….or World of Warcraft…..but that’s another story!! Basically people, you wonderful wonderful people....I guess I'm saying...REEEELAXXX A little, you really should learn not to take W.C. sooooo seriously, I mean ...c'mon...have fun..that's what it's here for. And at anytime, if you ever doubt your intentions or seeing yourself start to act the way you do on W.C. in your real life....take a look in the mirror and slowly repeat...."hey, I am a great big bag of douche" or have someone bitchslap you in the jaw, that usually helps me!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!