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WOW......and again I say WOW!!! ...and I also need to add LMFAO! Once again I will all of you out there that know know how I am ...I have my faults...but THIS GIRL IS OBVIOUSLY COMPLETELY INSANE!! ... She is trying to make me out to be an ax#&*~& to cover up the fact that she is a FAKE and a LIAR!!! Rather than just ADMIT that she is fake...she turns this into a WHOLE BIG THING about how I "beat up a country girl". LMFAO, I mean REALLYYY??!! Every one of HER PICS she uses on her profile is from a porn site...EVERY SINGLE ONE....she made plans to meet at least 4 different ppl from wire..that I know off...and something always "COMES UP" at the last minute. Her Voice isn't the same as WHOEVER that girl is on the porn site, and her cam is ALWAYS MYSTERIOUSLY BROKEN. I mean...c'mon ppl ...even a monkey could tell they were being decieved! LMFAO....but as I said...rather than just ADMIT SHE IS FAKE...she would rather blame me and make me look like an ass...when it's her that is in the wrong. Katie..aka Cuddles...says...she has a "dark past" and she isn't proud of "doing porn" ...ok...if that was true....WHO IN THEIR RIGHT F%wz~x MIND WOULD USE ALL THE PICS FROM HER SOO CALLED "dark past" ???!! Does that make any f@^y$^y sense to anyone whatsoever??!! LMFAO. So either she is a Masochist that likes to be reminded of her "horrible" past all the time.....ORRRRRRR SHE IS A LIAR!! hmmmmmmm. I'm sorry ppl....this is just totally ridiculous and if anyone out there actually believes her sad ass are just as f%w@%w up as her....seeing that all the evidence that she is a fake and a liar is staring everyone in the face. But whatever....she's leaving and good riddance. To Katie...aka Cuddles: You are some piece of work have got how to lie and manipulate down pat. Congratulations for fooling all these ppl into believing your lies. However....I truly hope you get some help, and stop blaming everyone else for your problems that you create yourself. Take care girl....and I truly hope you don't act IRL like you do here. Bubye now.


Hello to all my friends ...just a real quick response to "katies" blog about me, yes I am who she is talking about. Anyone out there that knows me ..knows I can be crazy at times...and yes I admit...even a little bit of an a~x&#w$. But what I am NOT is a LIAR!! The blog that "Katie" posted is a Blatant Lie. She is trying to paint me as an ax%#@%# and a liar to take the spotlight off herself and hide the fact that she is indeed "FAKE". I know this may come as a shock to some of her it did with me....but I feel that if someone is going to be "friends" with someone else ...that one thing they should be is HONEST. Now I'm not saying that they have to reveal all their life secrets, however I think that if you are someone's "friend" you should at least be honest with WHO you ACTUALLY are and WHAT you actually look like. That being said....ALL OF KATIES pics...I'm talking EVERY SINGLE ONE of them....even the ones she sent to me on my cellphone are from a porn site. Now she INSISTS that it is her, and that she did porn back in the day, as she said in her blog. However, this just doesn't make much sense to me...and her stories that she tells me and others are soooo full of holes , that I just don't see how anyone could believe her. You would think that if she isn't fake, that she would at least have ONE pic that isn't from this site ...right.....however that is NOT the case. I have talked to "Katie" on numerous I know what "her" voice sounds like.....and ...I am not an I can tell the difference between a "dubbed" voice and a real one, as i'm sure most ppl can. The voices DID not match ppl, NOT EVEN CLOSE....and it was NOT a dub over. So draw your own conclusions, believe what you like....however I am telling you , beyond a doubt that Katie Lynn...A.K.A. Cuddles143 is fake...and if you doubt me...just take a look here ... What is more likely ppl...that she used to do "porn" or that she is fake?? Hmmmmmmmmmmm??!!! Like I said ...some of you are going to believe what you want...and some of you are going to back her up ..NO MATTER WHAT...and ya know that's fine, if you want to delude yourself ...that is your decision. I just wanted to clear the air... and let everyone know ...what is what. As I said...come to your own conclusions.... all I can say i feel betrayed and pissed that someone that was suppose to be my "friend" would lie to me...and CONTINUE to try to lie...after she was caught. Oh well...I have said my piece..check out the link if you care to...other than that...i suppose i have said all i can.


I would like to tell you all a little story. A story about a little girl, who has the psychotic need to be right, and/or "win" all the time. A story about a girl, who is so obviously used to getting her own way, that when she doesn't, she goes to any length to make it happen. Any length being, instigating fights,(or trying to), badmouthing people and making up ridiculous lies. However, when all that doesn't work she runs and gets a mod and whines about how she is being "picked on" when it is 90% of the time...the other way around. This is a story about __skullsx_ A.K.A. †¦~¦† . This is a girl, who thinks the whole of wire is against her, and everyone ELSE is ganging up on her. What she fails to realize is that she obviously has emotional, if not mental problems...and projects those onto everyone else. She never stops to think that maybe SHE is the problem, and to just relax a little and realize that NOT everyone is out to get her! She blames everyone else, and if you have an opinion that differs from hers, WATCH OUT...she'll jump down your throat and rip you a new one, because how DARE YOU disagree with her! (*see screenshot to illustrate that point) She makes absolutely no sense in her rants, and makes if very difficult for people in the same room to have a good time. Basically this girl is in desperate need of counseling. This is just a warning to everyone who cares to read this, to make sure you steer clear of this girl. She will do her best to have you suspended if you piss her off in ANY way AT ALL! And she will most likely succeed because half the mods on this site have no fw^@~yz clue how to do their jobs! So take this as you will people, a friendly warning to all my friends out there to watch it around this girl, and to pity her, because she obviously doesn't know any better. It's sad that she thinks that SHE is being persecuted by everyone, when in fact SHE is the problem. However I suppose that the world has all kinds of interesting people in it.