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E relationships

Well.....where do I begin really??!!

I think the best thing would be to start with a disclaimer. This is JUST my HUMBLE OPINION PPL.....and YES some of what is contained herein I include myself don't get all pissy on me!!

Ok then. This seems to be a common theme on the Internet. More and more ppl are meeting, chatting with, and finally hooking up IRL (In real life) with someone that they have met online. Now let me start by saying.....this is where the world is going I suppose...and we have to change with it. The internet is quickly and more forcefully becoming the new dating medium of the future...if it isn't already. There are hundreds, if not thousands of "actual" dating sites out there, and I'm not talking about Adult friend finder either pervs! There are actual honest to goodness sites that match you up with someone depending on certain compatibility standards. These all seem well and good, I will be the first one to agree that most of them at least SEEM to have good intentions. However what road does this lead us down? What will "meeting" someone and "dating" someone become in 5 10 yrs....20? Will we dispense with the human contact altogether...I mean we're pretty much there now. Why go out on a "date" when you can get basically the same thing over the computer, and not have to spend anymore money save for your monthly connection fee. I think it's a sad state of affairs we're heading towards. A great "disconnection" , if you will, and we all wonder why people are more depressed now than ever in human history. We seal ourselves off from human contact and replace it with , words on a screen, and colorful pixels, in the hopes that the person on the other end Isn't a complete and utter psycho!! Personally .....I prefer the old fashioned way of meeting someone.....ACTUALLY GOING OUTSIDE AND MEETING SOMEONE!! Now ...that being said...and Internet dating sites being what they are....yes....there are good and bad sides to it...and of course everyone will have a differing opinion. However....the thing that bothers me the most is right here on wire, well ANY chatroom or social networking program to be precise. The first and foremost thing everyone needs to realize in a chatroom......YOU HAVE NO Fwx@$&^ IDEA WHO YOU MAY BE CHATTING WITH!!! .....Let me say that again....YOU HAVE NOOOOO IDEA WHO YOU MAY BE CHATTING WITH!!! The dating sites...well, the recognized, bonded, official ones anyways...have MANY checks and balances to ensure a NON PSYCHO encounter, if two parties decide to meet. However, chat programs and social networking sites, such as wire...HAVE NO SUCH SAFEGUARDS!! That's why it blows my mind when I see all these users on here....going/moving to meet other users they don't even know!!! It's craziness's foolish and have no idea who this person is...or what they are about...and you're just off to go meet them???!!! ARE YOU ON C%#&z??!! I know exactly what you are all thinking....."But CRASH...I know this person...I've talked to them for over a year....not just on wire either". Remember Majalie Cajuste, the girl that was lured by an internet nut from myspace, and killed? You know how long they talked before that happened? A YEAR AND A HALF...yes that's right. When it comes to the internet time is relative...and doesn't really mean too much. Don't get me wrong....I know you can meet bad people offline to...however..the internet just makes it THAT much easier. It's a stalker/rapists/criminals dream come true. Especially when dealing with Foolish Ignorant people, that have E bfs and E gfs...and are IN E people aren't THAT stupid are you?!! Either stupid or EXTREMELY desperate for a relationship, that you would throw caution directly out the window. I'm sure if you ran the numbers on internet "meetings" from a chat/social site it would go something like this.......

#of ppl then met up and nothing happened: 80%

#of ppl that met up and sparks flew and the whole 9: 18%

#of ppl that met up and something tragic happened: 2%

Yes ...that is not a big percentage, however it's STILL a percentage!! And that's just A could be higher!! Basically the point to all my ramblings is, it just IRKs me when people on chat sites and SN sites get it in their head to go meet someone, that all they really know about them WHAT THAT PERSON HAS TOLD THEM!! Especially if you're flying overseas...I mean ..WOW...first thing you do when you a gun!! All that psycho shit aside...meeting someone from a chat site seems pointless in the long run ANYWAYS...because even if they are telling you the truth about still don't know THEM. You know an Idealized version of them, and to say..omg we are sooo in love, and we're gonna meet up and move in together is just plain retarded!! To say that about someone you have NEVER met is totally ridiculous and just makes you look stupid. Talking and getting to "know" someone in a chat room is one thing....doing that in REAL LIFE is COMPLETELY different!! I guess some people seem to think they are the same however!! *sigh* Soooo, yeah...well I suppose I'm done rambling for now kiddos...just my opinions as I said in the disclaimer. But seriously guys....try disconnecting for a bit, getting out in the REAL world...and see if you can meet someone that you can Actually look in the eyes...and oh I dunno...TOUCH WITH YOUR HANDS!!


Too Attractive to Work These Days?!?!

With the economy in a perpetual state of disarray, people are doing whatever they can to find gainful employment. The office workers are now construction workers, the waiters are now janitors, and yes even the odd C.E.O. is now but a lowly short order cook. However, as I was perusing the news today one does, over coffee and crumpets that's a lie...I hate crumpets!! Anyways, I came upon an interesting story about a young lady who works...or should I say WORKED at Citibank. Apparently this woman was fired for being "Too Attractive" and having a distracting effect on the males that worked with her. She is now engaged in a law suit with said bank.

Yes, that is her.... Ms. Debrahlee Lorenzana, 33 and a divorced single mother. Yes I do agree that she is attractive, however a few points come to mind that I would now like to point out.

A.) Good for you Deb...sue the shit out of those idiotic fools!! I hope you end up owning that bank honey!!

B.) The very simple fact that this woman was fired for being "Too Attractive" says to me that the management in that particular bank is smoking some good drugs or just plain STUPID!! The problem isn't Debrahlee Mr. Bank's your MALE employees who apparently haven't had a date and/or s&% in 1000 years. Yes Debrahlee is attractive, but she is not APHRODITE, and there are plenty of attractive women out there in the workforce today, NOT getting fired for what I consider to be one of the STUPIDEST reasons EVER!!!

C.) As I said above, the real problem is your male employees. If they are being "distracted" by an attractive woman and cannot perform their jobs correctly ....then they are obviously in the wrong line of work and should perhaps think about construction or serving on a submarine!! To blame a woman instead of THE OBVIOUS culprits, (the male horndogs) is ridiculous. You need to rethink your discipline strategy and punish those that are.....oh I don't know ...ACTUALLY RESPONSIBLE!!

So to sum it all up a phrase.... C'MOOOONNN REALLLLYYY!!!?? If I don't see a "fake news" skit about this on SNL I will be very surprised!! It's shit like this that make individuals lose faith in the world!! When did we become so ...well down right STUPID?! So I suppose the moral of this story is .....If you are scratch that....if you are even a MILDLY attractive woman.....think long an hard before you apply to Citibank...because apparently with the exception of you....the staff is comprised of horribly ugly women and men with perpetual boners and the distractibility factor of a 2 year old!

Good luck Deb, I hope you slaughter them in the lawsuit, and when you win be sure to write that manager a nice little letter saying thank you for all the money, if he's not fired within the next week for making such a colossal blunder.!!

^^^ The full story and other links to it if you all are so inclined.