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I just wanted to say you are absolutely stunning. Your nonchalant banter and endless failing insults highly arouse and interest me. I hope you don't mind that a guy is turned on by your high rate of humor failure but rest assured you do have many many fans, for which I am one of.

Perhaps one day we can go on a tropical cruise to perhaps Israel, Palestine, Iraq, or maybe even somewhere in south Africa. I will bring my laptop so you can log onto wireclub and harass chat users because I wouldn't want to be wasting your time. I understand that is a full time job for you and I am willing to compromise.

Until we can meet and I see such a strong willed, minded, and body individual in person I will continue to lust for you over this 15.5" display and sit in awe of your simply yet complex beauty, I hope you have a wonderful day

Until we meet,

Brian McGoCartRacer.


OMFG!!! THAT WAS HILARIOUS !!! LMFAO!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! OMG!! I've NEVER LAUGHED SOOOOO HARD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! OMG you've gotta tell me though, how many drafts you made, and how many spelling errors you had to correct before you posted that. Oh yeah...and how many times you hesitated pressing the send button...the whole "should I , or shouldn't I" debacle! OMG though STILL, HILARIOUS get a gold star!!! YAYYYY!!!! And yes...i WOULD LOVE to go away with you, when you grow up and get out of mommies basement....and start paying your own internet bill, you gimme a call ok?!! HILARIOUS THOUGH... you're my new best friend!!

I love FAIL trolls YAY!!!