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This is a club for ppl who hate no need to join it.!!
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He Keeps Asking Haha But Ill B Fair U Get This Club To 500 Members Ill Show Him :( Plz Dnt Join Lmao!
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im so sick of seeing loved up clubs, its lame its the internet ffs ppl get together and break up in a day on here and calm its LOVE its not LOVE its god dam bored call a spade a spade...
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:P Haha Omg U Bttr Love Me 4 This 1 Twaaatt
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Yeah, Dawn ROCKS...She Rocks my SOCKIES!!!
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Does it go "pew pew pew" or " BZZZaaaaAAaccKKK" :S You tell me!
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crash wht a azzhole join to stop his control of wire
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see you later, ghey boys.
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