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Dark_Dragon: I decided to Today write about my thoughts on my perception and perspective on tragedy, Lately within the last couple of months and i know about it because people have been posting on Facebook about deaths that have occurred recently and as such out of respect to those members of my Family and their loved ones I will not Name those people or how they died. My reasoning for writing this is maybe it will help people through their loss and maybe not it will depend on how people look at things ....Some people turn to God ...some drink to drown their sorrows.... some change their look or appearances ... some go to counseling... some turn to Drugs ...and some will try to commit suicide I am 40 years old and i can tell you some days i feel like i lived a lifetime or 2 In those 40 years i have been though plenty of tragedy and loss... a lot of them to cancer .. some though tragic accidents and some due to old age I attended my first Funeral when I was twelve in my mind i did not know how Death affected people.... at that time in ones life they think they are indestructible. but the deaths kept coming through the years not just family but friends as well ,the closest ones where the hardest my nephew ,..my mother , my brother in law sometimes we experience death so much it numbs us to it to the point where we say stupid shit and sometimes can be insensitive to others around for me Death is and always has been apart of my life and will be until its my turn and the Grim Reaper says its my time ....My point is Death is apart of life and as you grow older no matter how much you hate it or cannot accept it ..it will happen unfortunately its a fact ...the important thing is how you live and cherish those moments good or bad with those you love in life never forget those you lose and move forward and give those who are left behind a lifetime of memories to keep going on ....I keep living for those still here with us an for those to come in the future.. I can tell you my experiences with Death and Loss and how i live with it but most of you who know me Know already I still struggle with it every day and think about each and every person that has been in my life that has passed Each one has taken a part of my soul with them it gets easier with time But pain never truly goes away everyone will find their own way of dealing with it .... Until my next Writing ...see ya
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