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Species: Panwere (originally human)

Background: She was born a human but at eight years old she was attacked by a werewolf and taken into custody by the Preternatural Crimes Prevention Unit. She was taught the rules and regulations, as well as how to change on command instead of only at certain times, and then became a part of the unit at sixteen. By then she had been attacked by several were breeds, and realized she was what the shifters call a Panwere. She has the DNA of many werespecies and can change any part of her body at will. The reasons as to why this change occured are unknown but she has always felt that there was something different about herself, even before being attacked. She quit the crimes unit when she had a major disagreement with her boss but still works for them as a consultant. Mainly she works as a jack of all trades, rescuing cats, kids, and doing other odd jobs within reason.

Appearance: Mostly she likes to appear as either a neko or a human and can change her appearance at will. It helps during surveillance and undercover jobs. Personality: Laid back but can be tempermental if provoked. When mad she loses her control on the Were DNA and signs of it are shown with her eyes, her claws, and possible clothes ripping. She will take any job long as it isnt murder or burglary, though some of her prices could be considered and have been called such. She usually doesnt get involved unless she is getting paid but has been known to make exceptions for men she fancies and small children

No Name

Background: She was abandoned on the street as a baby and no one wanted her because of a few strange powers she possessed. By chance a member of an assassin organization stumbled across the baby's strange powers when they experienced an illusion caused by looking at the poor thing, and decided to raise it as one of their own. Her childhood was nothing but fighting and murder, along with abuse if she did not progess as quickly as they wanted. She learned to master her powers of illusion and also the strange ability to take on a partial animal form, giving her the qualities of the beast she chooses. By the time she was 12 she had mastered everything and killed over one hundred people and with each kill she lost more and more of her humanity. Now twenty years of age very little of her humanity remains, she takes no pleasure in life or in killing either, eating is just to survive as is drinking. However every night when she sleeps the faces of those she has killed haunt her dreams forcing her to cling on to a few human emotions, guilt, sadness, fear of herself, and regret. Now she serves as a mercenary for hire, and has never been known to fail a job. As for the tools of her job, she uses whatever is convienent at the time and of course always carries some weapons on her just in case. Her preference is the katana she carries around.

New Rp Char

Name: Mika Race: Unknown Appearance: Can change but she can be identitfied through her bunny ears and tail Background: Most of it unknown she came to this world or dimension a while back and has been all alone since Abilities: unknown Personality: Kind, shy, clutzy, and absentminded. Very slow to anger, and sometimes she can be dense


Name: Emi
Occupation: Priestess of Amaterasu
Age: 23

Background: She was adopted into a japanese family who had just recently lost their daughter due to illness. Emi was heard crying from a house engulfed in flames In an abandoned village that people seemed to have forgotten, though the flames were high and surrounded her, she was untouched by the roaring flames. Little is known about her background, but she was taught as a child about Amaterasu. Soon about the age of 7 she started to show abilities that baffled her parents, and she seemed to be able to see things that most people couldn't. Upon discovering these unique abilities her parents took her to a temple and taught her the ways of a priestess. Since then she has been dedicated to being the priestess of amaterasu. She travels when she can to become more aquainted with nature and become even more enlightened.

Abilities: Can see ghosts and spirits, cause flames to roar or simmer down, exorcise spirits, see glimpses of the future and cause anything to burst into flames Personality: Even if her life is in danger she is always calm, cool, and collected, never showing any fear. Sometimes showing wisedom beyond her years, and seems to know of things that have happened even before she was born. Some call her the incarnation of amaterasu because of this trait. She is kind, compassionate though mostly she seems apathetic about everything that goes on around her.


Name: Amaterasu Age: 22 Race: Human (Reincarnation of the sun goddess from mythology)

Background: Her mother was always fond of japanese culture and when the child was born she had an otherworldy beauty about her, so her parents named her Amaterasu, and called her Ama for short. Everything was great until they discovered her looks weren't the only thing "otherworldy" about her. She had the power to turn anything she said into reality, but they noticed that she couldnt control it and every time she used it she started coughing. when she was old enough to understand her parents told her of her power and how she must be careful to stay silent. So they gave her a dry erase board and some markers.

Personality: Kind and compassionate, but has a short temper. She can't hold a grudge, and is a very sweet girl. She was taught basic self defense and a few other things, other than that shes a mystery She has visions sometimes as well. The very rare times she does use her voice its very pure and angelic. She can bring the sun and during the night she seems to shine with a light of her own. She does her best to make others happy and has few memories of her past life

ps: This pic is not mine, however I would appreciate that you don't use it for your own character

Evaline (For Public rp)

race: damphir/demon/witch

Background: Mother was raped by a demon and then was given the condition to raise the girl or give her to the demon, and she chose to raise her child, but sealed away the demonic nature she died however a few years later due to another demon that wanted the girl for himself and she was taken in by a coven her mother was aquainted with

Powers: Telepathy, mind control, summon undead, control undead, as well as a few other things. She has a bat named merlin that she constantly talks to via telepathy. also has a power to attract demons unbeknownst to her

Personality: distrusts many, is very outspoken but still very kind, she likes to give others the benefit of the doubt before judging them

Currently: Her age is unknown with long flowing blue locks and very pale skin, her lips are lush and full. If someone with demon or angel blood were to look at her they would see the invisible chains that limit her demonic and vampiric powers. As of right now the demon that killed her mother is still searching for her, to make her his. Even with her powers bound she can still attract some demons to her. She is like a demon magnet and she isn't even aware of it. Evaline prefers to consume human food but during emergencies only human blood can sustain her, or even demon blood...

Anger: When she gets angry her hair moves as if there is an unseen wind and only then can her binding chains be seen as her demonic aura escapes, She tries not to get mad because it could end up breaking her binds. thus ending in the demon finding her.

New Character

Name: Celena species: formally human now a monster(unknown exactly what she is but she is human no more)

Background: Celena was a normal human living a normal life in a small village, until, she stumbled onto a place where she shouldn't. A place where in the old days was full of sacrifices, A strange stone circle with an altar that became crimson stone from all of the satanic n bloody rituals that took place there. The place was filled with an evil aura and drove her insane, at 19 her body took in a demonic aura that quickly drove the poor girl to become insane and she massacred and burned and tore her fellow villagers to shreds til a simple old wise woman was left. The woman sealed her power with a certain mark that she bears on her shoulder, but every time she smells or sees blood, witnesses or gets sucked into violence some of that demonic energy shows through.

Abilities: Super strong and can literally tear a human to pieces, mind control, see a persons wicked thoughts or feelings and make them stronger. Blood can be absorbed through her skin, and do not fear, for she can only snap, once a day.

weapons: uses anything she can get her hands on

personality: When sealed shes just a normal girl but when the demonic aura leaks through shes can be a non-stop killing machine

Elita and Chemi

Name : Elita (girl) and Chemi (tiger)
Species: Mostly human with tiger dna

Background: When Elita was merely four years old she lived in a small village with a family that was well known in that area. However their peace was disrupted when a stranger, came and murdered her parents and every living relative, but....the stranger saw something in her that she was not aware of yet. But a little tiger cub knew, and followed her and her captor, observing them. One day when she was 19 the tiger appeared to her....and told her she was her friend and her familar. The tiger Chemi, was too late though, they had already experimented on her made her "better" So they ran from the lab and have been on the run ever since

Abilities: Can see in the dark, has a keen sense of smell and her ears and tail pop out when over come by emotions. She can jump high like a cat and has claws as well as a few hidden abilites she isnt aware of yet

Personality: Shy and cautious, always talks to chemi, very kind, and compassionate.

Appearance: Elita is a redhaired golden eyed girl, who wears modern torn clothes to move around easily Chemi is a white tiger with ice blue eyes, she can also appear looking like an amazon woman but only for a short time

New Rp Char Jan 2014

Name: Rima
Species: Yuki Onna (snow woman [also a type of youkai])
She lives deep in the forest and doesnt like to be bothered. She is a peace lover except when angered.
Appearance: Long silver hair and eyes tthat sparkle like the snow she creates, and she always wears a kimono.
Past: She was born and raised in the human realm, and is unsure of how long she has been here, but shes originally from japan.
Powers: can freeze anything and anywhere she goes it begins to snow
Personality: testy, antisocial and she loves animals and communicates with polar bears, robins and other known creatures that are around in the wild. She can be kind at times, but is usually very distant especially with humans or strangers

New Rp Char October 3rd

Name: Micheline Race: Unknown

Appearance: Short blond hair, blue eyes, wears a t-shirt and shorts, and has a mini white dragon as a companion that stays on her shoulder as well as a black cursed-looking birthmark on her face, shoulder and right arm

Past: All she remembers is she woke up in the woods one day and didnt know who she was where she came from, even her name...but the dragon...seems intelligent and willing to help her regain her memories...She only knows her name due to some form of ID she found around her neck when she woke she searches the world with Mafeyir(her dragon companion) for her lost memories, and identity she has forgotten.

Personality: Shy, and rather quiet but friendly
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