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The Motive

The motive for the story The Practice Run that I'm writing (not that I've done much work on it of late but how and ever). Just to set the scene I have kidnapped a girl who I have tied to a table and while she is crying I start to speak to explain why I am doing what I'm doing to her

"I guess your wondering why you are here and why I am doing these things to you as all victims do. And yes my dear you are a victim. You won't live long enough to be a survivor. I guess I could blame it on tv or society. Both over done. I guess in truth it was the silly games I played as a child. It was all so sweet and innocent. Being a tom boy I always pretended I was a boy in our little games and she would pretend to be my girlfriend. Having being a social out cast all my life I felt special when she wanted to play. Someone noticed me, someone cared. So even when her hands started to wander I carried on playing. Even when she made me touch her I still played. It made my skin crawl and yet part of me still felt special. Pretty for the first time. As she became a woman I was left scrubbing her blood from my skin. No longer feeling so special, just dirty and degraded. Just damaged goods worthy of no better. By night her unwilling lover, by day a target for when she needed to vent her rage. She told me a mere child of 12 that I was only a dirty whore. As to why you are here my dear, you are nothing more than a practice run. I want to be sure that she will suffer."

THE PRACTICE RUN (working title) PART II

We were half way down the stairs when a little dog appeared barking up at us. It was a tiny little thing with ribbons in it's glossy brown hair. It had one of them barks that sounds more like a yelp than anything else. The stupid fucking thing wouldn't shut up so I turned my gun towards it's tiny yapping head. I giggled with delight as it's head exploded into a bloody mess. I know it was a mistake letting off a shot in case I was heard but so worth it to see it's headless body twitch. Blondie crumpled to the floor whimpering like some pathetic little animal. It was orgasmic watching her, but there was no time to indulge in such pleasures now. I softly whispered in her ear "don't worry my dear it didn't suffer like you will. Death came swiftly." I helped her to her feet and we made our way out of her house back across the field to my car. She seemed to accept her faith she didn't even fight me when I opened the boot and ordered her in.
The sun was just starting to grace the sky, splashing it with shades of red when I finally reached home. I was surprised by the silence as I walked around to the back of the car. She had been screaming most of the way home. I guess she was exhausted. She let out a weak cry when I opened the boot. I just laughed. I think she failed to realise how much I was getting off on her misery. We made our way into the house, down a dark flight of stairs to my play room. She froze in horror at the door. It was a harshly lit dank room with a cold steel table with foot and wrist straps in the middle. Along the walls hung paddles, whips, hooks and knives. Oh how I love my knives. In one corner of the room there's a table full of surgical instruments. Blondie turned to run but I pushed her up against the wall covering her face with a cloth soaked in chloroform. I know what your thinking, so over done and it is, but sometimes one needs ti resort to such measures. She collapsed rather quickly much to my delight because now my fun can begin.
I dragged her lifeless body over to the table and strapped her down. I picked up a razor and shaved her head. I salivated as a little drop of blood trickled down her head. Next I cut away all her clothes. I ran my fingers down her chest between her breasts down her stomach. I stripped naked and climbed on the table between her legs. I ran my tongue along the inside of her leg almost feeling disappointed that life still kept her body warm.

THE PRACTICE RUN (working title) this only part one the rest isn't wrote yet and it's only a rough draft

I sat staring at the computer screen wondering how it had become my world. It now was my only source of information. If I wanted to know the weather all I needed to do was read countless status updates, or who was currently fucking who. It was all there at the click of a button. I can find out almost anything I need to know right down to the colour of your underwear. It's surprising the amount of people willing to give out that level of information when asked for it. "Pink bra and matching thong" had really caught my eye. She was about average height (hard to work out exact height from a picture), blue eyed blonde, with a body to die for. I have a thing for blondes. I don't know what it is about them, perhaps it's their "look at me I'm better than you attitude" so many of them seem to have or the need to prove that all blondes are dumb. Apologies to any smart blondes. I clicked my way through her pictures, countless of which were taken in bathrooms. Why bathrooms? Mental note ask her about that later. Click click click... Ah finally something that I can use. She's sunning herself in her front garden, what an attention seeker. She's leaning forward rather seductively for the camera that was pointed more at her chest than her face, though that wasn't what caught my eye. The silly silly girl. I could clearly make out the number on her house, the only piece of information she hadn't been willing to give over. Thanks to her latest status update "home alone again tonight sucks :-(" I knew I wouldn't be disturbed. I grabbed my keys and jumped into my car. Though it was only mid afternoon I needed the time to travel.
It was just after midnight when I finally arrived. I slowly drove past the pale yellow terraced house, looking for somewhere close by, but out of sight to park. I needed to be careful at this point as I had often been spotted and months of research went down the drain due to my carelessness. I wasn't about to let that happen again. I had to have her, she was perfect. I took a road that lead me around the back of the estate and found a spot by some bushes which would give my car some cover. It meant a bit of a trek back through a field to her house but it would be worth the extra effort not to be caught. Here goes nothing. I quietly slipped into the garden, though to me even the pounding of my heart sounded like thunder, I was sure I was going to wake the whole street. Barely daring to breath I forced the back door open and crept inside through the kitchen and hall. I climbed the stairs praying they wouldn't creek. At the top I stopped and listened but all I could hear was my racing heart. I opened the first of 4 doors only finding a bathroom. I tried the second door and there she was. Gently breathing on a bed that looked as soft as a cloud. Her purple vest topped pjs matched the bed covers almost perfectly. Her long blonde hair trailed behind her. She looked so peaceful it almost seemed a shame to wake her. I stood just staring at her for a few moments. I leaned over her close enough to feel her breath. She looked even more beautiful close up. She started to stir as though she sensed me. I could smell her perfume and if I'm not mistaken a hint of coconut shampoo. I gently brushed some hair from her face at which point she woke. For a moment she just looked at me in a silent scream, before she found her voice which I quickly quietened with a gun to her head. "What do you want?" she asked shakely. "To desacreate your body" I replied in confidence. I felt a tingle rush through my body as fear filled her eyes.

I slowly pulled the blankets down feeling myself getting wet with desire as I ran my hand up her side pulling her top up revealing a beautiful pale breast. Oh how I wanted her but this wasn't the time or place. Grabbing her by the hair I dragged her out of bed throwing her on the ground. "Please don't hurt me" she begged with tears in her eyes. "You will speak when you are spoken to or I will cut out your tongue. Time to go for a little drive."


Raven breath upon my neck
Slow beats in the still of night
All shadows and quiet
Not daring to dream
Dying to scream
Scared to move, scared to wake
As i lay here, fake


Life is just a slash of colour
Among the dead
The colour you shine
Is yours to choose
Dark and dreary
Like the shadows of life
Or bright like the dawn?
I chose all for
I am the darkest night
And the brightest day.


bashing my head against the wall
do you hear me at all
screaming in rage
and all you do is turn another page
knife to my wrist
did I even make your list?
blood to the ground
and still your not around
in darkness I dwell
am I going to hell?
did you even care?
did you dare?


Bound for my pleasure
And your demise
As I lay you out still
Eyes glazed over in a shadowy chill
Lips that no longer speak
Cold to touch
No beating heart, no soul, no will
Your blood I wish to spill
Your body to desecrate
Knife to flesh as I softly moan
You lay still
Not feeling my pleasure
My desires, just still


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Finally home

For any one who's missed me or has been worried just to let you know I'm home and doing well finally. Still quite a bit sore and sleepy so if you don't hear from me for the next few day don't worry I'm just taking some time to recover.

What is wrong with people today?

I was just out for a walk today when my ankle gave way (think I'm going to be fy@w$^ when I'm old if this is happening to me at this age). Don't worry I'll live pride hurts a bit and I've a nasty cut on my knee and a sore ankle. The reason I'm writing this because it happened by a very busy road (yes people prob got a right giggle), there was also a man walking towards me when it happen. I didn't get up right away due to how much my ankle hurt. Guess how many people stopped to ask me if I was ok?
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