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Welcome to the Catholic Theology Chatroom! All people are welcome here from all different religious backgrounds, spiritualities and none at all. This is a forum to share, learn and discuss religious concepts in relation to Catholic theology. Foundational for this room is charity, civility and respectfulness. Your welfare, safety, dignity and right to be in an atmosphere of decorum are taken seriously.


The name of the chatroom, “Catholic Theology,” reflects the focus of the room. By Catholic theology is meant that which reflects the official magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church. While some harmless side talk and congenial personal exchanges are fine, attempts to derail the main focus of the room and supplant it with other topics, especially those that are antagonistic to Catholicism, are not. Politics are not permitted.


The purpose of the room is to provide a friendly forum though which Catholic faith and practice may be discussed. Most importantly are the following:

1. to provide information to those seeking knowledge;

2. to correct misinformation about Catholicism and promote Catholic apologetics;

3. to foster an atmosphere that allows for prayer, scripture and faith sharing;

4. to advance ecumenical harmony through charity without compromise to the truth;

5. to offer a support venue for those contemplating conversion to the faith.

NOTE: While the purpose of the room is not to specifically proselytize, if a person becomes interested in conversion, room hosts may assist by directing interested parties to their nearest parish for information about RCIA.


1. The Catholic Theology chatroom is welcome to all persons, regardless of personal religious affiliation including belief or non-belief race, color, gender, age, etc.

2. Chatters may present their religious beliefs or opinions in a respectful way.

3. Chatters may pose sincere, appropriate questions so long as they do not demean or offend.

4. Controversial subject matter may be discussed pastorally (subject to the discretion of the room owner and hosts who monitor the room).

5. Overly graphic (sexually explicit, violent, etc.) postings should be avoided.

6. Debates are permissible so long as propriety, civility, reason, order and respect are maintained.


The Terms of Service of WireClub and the guidelines of this room are in effect. Those who violate the Terms of Service of WireClub and/or the guidelines of the Catholic Theology Chatroom are subject to room host or moderator intervention and/or being reported to WireClub. These infractions include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Threats of violence; on-line stalking.

2. Solicitation of any kind including proselytizing; “phishing;” attempts at cyberattack; etc.

3. Sexual Predation, propositioning, or advances; dehumanizing men or women and sexually graphic content. Lurking in the chatroom without posting or responding in the public forum may be interpreted as a form of sexual trolling.

4. Harassment, hate speech, mockery, name-calling, attacking others and/or negatively targeting them, slander or gossip or spreading rumors.

5. Bashing, attacking, condemning, ridiculing or abusive postings targeting the religious beliefs or non-beliefs of others.

6. Rudeness or passive-aggressive behavior, such as “sniping” or discourteous, snide, backhanded comments.

7. Posting of links in the chatroom: this includes pictures, videos, chat rooms, articles, etc. Suitable posting of links, and other content, may only be done after permission is granted by a monitor who has scrutinized the material for content.

8. Disruption to the room; “trolling,” willfully being an annoyance; “bombing" or “tag-teaming;” or "hit and runs;" scrolling (continual posting causing disruption with words, emoticons, etc.).

9. Vulgarity, profanity, lewdness, cursing, masked sexual content or obscene double entendres, blasphemy and sacrilege. This includes offensive abbreviations such as "GFY" or "STFU" as well as unsuitable acronyms or other veiled inappropriate content.

10. Attempting to instigate discussions that promote, extol or dwell on politics, sexual content, substance use, topics intended to vilify the Catholic Church or other religions or beliefs/non-beliefs, or any subject matter lacking in taste, or propriety according to the judgment of the room owner and room hosts (sometimes referred to as “moderators”).

11. Personal profile/user name or front profile picture that contains content considered by the room owner or hosts to be inappropriate, unsuitable or objectionable given the aforementioned guidelines.

12. Unwanted messaging or private chatting (or other means of contacting another chatter) that is considered undesirable by the chatter receiving the communication especially any content that violates WireClub’s TOS or these Guidelines. Additionally, not stopping the contact when told to do so.

13. Behaviors/postings that are annoying or become a nuisance such as frequently picking on words, persistently bickering and/or inciting quarrels, baiting, fomenting negative drama, continual questioning, constantly posting "LOL" or another phrase after someone else posts something, becoming obtuse, picayune or persnickety, or any behaviors that continually require moderator intervention.

14. Contradicting or not abiding by the directives of the room owner or room hosts or assistant room hosts.

15. Interfering in, commenting on (especially negatively), or butting in host interventions, such as when hosts are cautioning or warning others or have removed offenders from the room.


If a person is in violation of the guidelines, a room host will ordinarily alert that person of the infraction and will give warning. If the chatter who was warned continues to violate the guidelines, that person may be removed from the chatroom. After continual infractions, a person may be temporarily or permanently banned from the room.

NOTE: In matters of contestation, the judgment of the host shall prevail. Additionally, all have recourse to the room founder / owner in the event one believes a matter was not handled with propriety or equity.


If a person feels that he or she was treated inappropriately by anyone in the room, including a host, or if a person feels that a host intervention was unwarranted, that individual may present a grievance to the room owner/founder, Father Barnabas, via (private) message. It is best to submit a screen shot of the matter in question whenever possible. Father Barnabas will review the matter and try to respond in a reasonable amount of time depending on his schedule. Attempts to bring up incidents in the public forum of the chatroom are not permitted and will not be taken seriously.


We welcome your comments, recommendations, complaints, suggestions and compliments. Please send a (private) message to Father Barnabas. Thank you!

Updated 11/26/2018