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MOmmy always says that what she says is the truth the whole truth, but even the truth in things that we think is right is always wrong.

Having known the things that we say that is right comes the next step called it self trust, i beleive that the world in itslef has are lot of definition of the word trust, but i believe that the word trust means to believe in something that is said or done even though if tis wrong or right.
for example a relationship, a realtionship[ that invlove a men and a women is the most valuable example of trust. Even though wat the girl or boy says both still believe it is the right thing, or wrong it is based on the fact that trust brings them together to think a like. but i think that most of the time trust can be made only through experience and knowing those things, but it is sad to say that having trust betrayed is the most painful experience to loose trust is like a Son Telling his Father that he disowns him.......but from the fat we wanted to be loved and trsuted makes us humans more valunreable to preditors that prey on people for there trust for there gain

I beleive that if we have the world believe and love each then fraudsters and theives will be ashamed of them selves

Being Crazy

i think the world is full Variety of people tat made think that the rest of the
world is watching people everyday go by but ignoring each and everyone of them as
they go by. i wonder if anyone of them is going make my day more insane then the others.
but we all know for sure that only when we do something that is totally different
and odd that we become noticed.

that brings me to my next point that i think that our action makes us a
name in public, even though we say the craziest things in lyf, that might
make us heros or foes but our action will continue to live in peoples hearts, that we
were good or bad.