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For anyone who appreciates or participates in the art form.
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Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets? Freudian theory says that shoes represent the female body and in dreams, they represent female genitalia . The "Shoe is symbolic of the vagina. High heels not...
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Come and talk about some of the most interesting things in gymnastics. Amazing techniques. Don't be afraid. Just ask anything. Have any questions?
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I'd like to meet bellydancers from all around. If you've been bellydancing for years, or if you've just started, please join! LADIES: If you're not a bellydancer, you should definetly try it out....
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For anyone that does pole dancing for fun and fitness!
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This club is for anyone who wishes to become a stripper or look for someone you can own to be your stripper.
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(This club has been deleted)
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