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On the last day of training

today we got a test that is very close to being similar to the exam I will be taking next week - Dec 20th.
I got a 89% on it, and on the exam next week a person needs a 75% or higher to pass and get a security licence.
This means that with a few days of studying the security job handbook, I can get a even higher score.
I am going to start looking at security companies in detail, and I've been looking at one that is up north, only 2 hours from home. At that one a person would live up there in a provided home with payed for food, landry services, entertainment, ie : computer, internet, etc.
It would be 12 hours shifts for 2 weeks straight, but then you would get 2 weeks off, so that doesn't sound too bad.

first day of training

well I survived getting up at 6:00 am, and the drive in was good. Class went well and learned alot. The drive home was a little nerve-wacking, but after a few city blocks it became ovious that despite the snowfall, the highways were not icy *thank god* and the drive home into the country went well.

My New Life - A Job !!!

on the 10th of december I will be starting my training for my new job, as a security guard !!!! the training will be for a week, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

As you may or may not know, I have been unemployed for many many years now. How I earned spending money was doing respite for my family. Driving my foster sister to and from places, spending time with her, lisening to her little wims and so on.
For the exam for the security licensing ( that's how they spelled it ) part, I will need to get a 75% to pass. Once I have my security license then I will be able to apply to a security company and start my job as a security guard.
This upcoming week of Dec 3 will be busy for me, I have to go to the training place and pay them the money, then I have to go to the RCMP for something. Plus I have to give up my night life, no more staying up past 12:00, from now on it's in bed at 10:00 *sob*
I hope this all works out for me, a job as a security guard should be relitively easy, I am physically small and female, so I won't be a bouncer in a bar or guarding any buildings in bad neighbourhoods.