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iwooltheworld: I have really dry skin just on my hands. This is year-round problem.

Often, my fingers bleed because they are so dry. I wash my hands 3-5 times a day. I drink a good amount of water.

I’ve been taking Vitamin E (both orally and topically). I have also used mineral oil, olive oil, coconut oil, lard, petroleum jelly, aloe, commercial lotion, etc.

I bought a machine to dip my hands in hot wax to add a protective layer.

All of these methods give temporary results.

I’ve been reading about Vitamin A for skin. I’m considering consuming liver for the first time to get Vitamin A from a natural source. I hear it’s an acquired taste, but quite rich in nutrients. I wonder if my dry skin is some sort of vitamin deficiency.
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Woosabie: Same, I hate it, make a fist and my skin cracks and bleeds lol,.but only in the winter months. Only thing that releives it is antibacterial ointment..best of luck
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