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(This club has been deleted)
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Just to beable to come on in, put your feet on the table ...be yourself and chat freely
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Here you can talk about anything! just dont get toooo nasty! if you got a problem put out here, because maybe we could help you out with it! if you wanna meet somebody new come here, because the...
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where single's come to meet  but you got to join to meet the right someone if you are single and looking this is the place to be....feel free to add me as a friend lonely guy
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An important sector about the people that feel the need of being and finding friends from all over the world. Everybody feeling open to the world is welcome! 
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some guys are playahssss you can do a name and shame if yh want ;) make all the ladies aware.. and if any guys know of any girls like this you can name them too.. :) just keep the threads...
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This club is to pick up where the old one left off we will have the same rules as the last one movie club, Movie Title along with Movie character and actors name. Only difference is it is the SMOKIN...
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