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Nabau, legendary Giant Snake

A giant, 100ft (30m) long water snake known as the “Borneo Monster” has allegedly been photographed not once, but twice.

According to local legend, the Borneo Monster (locally known as a Nabau) is a terrifying snake over 100ft in length and with a dragon’s head and seven nostrils.

The two pictures show the giant snake at two angles. The first shows the snake swimming down a remote river and was taken from a helicopter. The second shows the Borneo Monster near a remote village.

Like most so-called monster discoveries, the debate centers around whether the pics are real, or photoshopped. LiveScience notes that the source of the photos was not disclosed, a sure sign of a scam. The Daily Mail quotes The Straights Times where the photos first emerged, where readers suggested that the shots are photoshopped, or show respectively a speed boat, and a log.

Magibon: Probably the cutest girl ever...

He name is Magibon, 23 years old.

Help me by suggesting a name for this lipstick..

My company gonna launch a healthy lipstick brand. But the name havent been decided. Anyone who have excellent suggestion, please post some names for it.

Ur help is highly appreciated..

(only the formulation has been finalized, but the casing and name havent)

World Rainforest Music Festival

World Rainforest Music Festival help at Sarawak Cultural Village in Malaysia (10-12 july 09)

More that 20 countries participated, each performing their own cultural music.

It was a blast!!!

Earth Hour..whats ur contribution?? hour 28 march, at 8.30pm...

so..whats ur contribution??

as for me..i will switch off everything..

1) Lights, lamps
2) Handphones
3) PC
4) Will not smoke for 1 hour darkness...

Lets share, share and share..!!!

Yeah...some pics from my business trip..

p/s : the hanging bridge in the pic is the most famous bridge in East Malaysia, Jambatan Tamparuli (Tamparuli Bridge)

please take note, its a business trip, not a holiday or vacation

FunnyDwarf wins the mansion...

ok...since i'm the creator of the game....i'm the one who have the rights to close it..

i hereby closed the game on 11th Feb 2009, at 1am (Malaysian time). (the date is random)

and the last person who posted is FunnyDwartf Funnydwarf

thus, she will have the keys to the lovely mansion, which was the prize..

(refer the pic below, or the given link)


Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to post a comment on this blog with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. When your finished commenting this, post the rules in your blog with your answers and a list of 25 people to be tagged.

You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you. blah.

1. I'm just a regular guy
2. Doing regular things
3. I eat regular food (rice etc)
4. My salary just regular
5. I spent more than 6 hours of internet daily
6. I always sleep late
7. I'm from Malaysia
8. Single and available
9. I love games
10. I work in the office
11. I like music
12. I like movies
13. Sports = table tennis
14. I always say "hmm..."
15. I drink beer
16. I can play guitar
17. I'm friendly
18. I'm visionary
19. I love watching football
20. I live in a tropical country
21. Thus, it never snows here
22. I have a computer
23. My shoes are always shiny
24. I dont think people will read this
25. But i dont mind..

People i tag:

Blonde Goddess
Repaired Goods
Thatcdnnguy eh!

2008 Emote Award

To honour the emotes which make wire such an awesome place, this is my version of 2008 Emote Award...

feel free to vote, choose one of each category...

1) Best Dance

2) Best Duo Act

3) Best Science Fiction

4) Cutest Emote

5) Best Kiss

(if anyone want to add more category, feel free to tell me )

Hmmm...merry christmas wireclub

Just in case i cant be online on 25th, i wish an early christmas to all my friends.

and, i cant be online from 23rd till 30th...

so, if anyone see me during that period, that means someone hack my wireclub account

anyway, enjoy the holidays people..

as usual, i always decorate my blog , such as below..

ps: the ring is a Russian diamond
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