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"they can never take away your truth .but the question is ..can you handle mine?

I was told the other day that i'm really hard to read! People do not know if im joking or being serious I don't really know what way to take it ha . Is it a good way ?? Am i just a mysterious person or am i just weird? The truth is i hold back alot...People think they have me figured out when usually they're completely the complete opposite of what they think...
Im extremely shy...horribly shy...but i've a kind heart! Im kind and happy with everyone...BUT muself...i would change so much about myself... I come across as this kind bubbly person but inside im sad...Im sad but i always hide it until it becomes too much....i hold emotions in for years....ive gotten bullied in school for so many years...almost 12 years now....i always told myself that they were just jealous of me....and i still do believe that and its becoming more clear that they are just jealous of me ..

Im a really talented person....i play instruments....i sing...ive almost an album completely recorded.....ive sang for crowds of hundreds....I get to do what i adoreand that is sing and i get so much happiness from that and i understand now that they will never have anything that makes them as happy as singing makes me....Im learning to love myself and slowly and surely im more and more confident...and it feels great

Im not the skinnyest girl ...i know im not and ive got curves but you know what?....i love my curves...They make me ...ME! And that is fabulous So thats me done for the day but remember you gotta love you for you cos at the end of the day "people can take everything away from you ...but they cannever take away your truth ..but the question is..can they handle yours "- Britney Spears