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girl on girl why is it so sexy / hot for a guy to see it ?

Ok so i was thinking about some thing earlier today. some thing i have thought about alot. Why is it so sexy / hot for a guy to see 2 girls together. I mean I dont mind some girl on girl actoin myself but i mean realy why do guys like it so much. I am BI so I go both ways. I dont know w hich one I like more. I dont plan on trying to figure that out any time soon.

broken hearts do heal

ok maybe you have been hurt and your heart broken. well i have had that happen to me more times than i can count. i use to think i would never love again and chances are you feel the same. well dont give up your heart will heal you will love again. i am living proof. you may need some time but things will get betyter n you will fall in love again. DONT GIVE UP ON LOVE!!!

i am so bored

hey every one i am so bored. i wish i had some one to hang out with. and have some fun. i am so tired of this boring life i need so exitment in my life. i need to get out there n see who is there for my taking. damn i am bored so now this is just me rambling on sorry if i am boring u. but no joke i need some eximent in my life.

my page may be deleted soon

hey sorry to say this but i am thinking about deleting my page. i am realy depressed. no not cause of wireclub. just cause of life in genral.and thing dont look like they are gonna fet any better. so i will make up my mind by the end of next week.

ok now my parent know about the guy i like.

so the guy i like is in jail gets out tommarow. i hope my parents give him a chance he is so sweet. he is realy a good guy who got mixed up in the wrong crowd. my parents never give my BF's a chance!! i realy like this guy and want him to b my last realtionship and for us to work. he is so nice and sweet. he realy is a good guy. it would be nice for my parents to give him a chance. i dont think they will but i just got to pray and believe. well i do that like every night.

back with more to talk about

ok so i just found out this guy i was seeing is my BFF's exboyfreind. so now wat do i do leave him. thats wat my BFF says i should do. so neway i was gone for awhile i was in the hospital.i am fine now.

ok last blog here

hey ppl i am deleting my page here n myspace n facebook. i cant take this shit no not just online in the world so take care ppl.

wats up

i am bored to daeth i am home alone for the first time since man i dont know when ne more. my parent havent let me do that since i went into a coma for 3 or was it 4 day i dont know. y would i was in a coma. but man i am glad i am home alone. shit atlaest now i got some freedom n privicy. i havent had that in a long time. my parent r pricks to the max. man i cant wait to get the hell out of here. ne way lats night was rough my parent foght with me till midnight bout nothin. i dont get them. i was tunin them out most of the time. was online chatin and tryin to do my home work. i think i might fail my first semester cause of them n their yellin. i hope not.well ne way i got a letter from that guy in jail damn it he is so perfect. how da hell do i just say no to him with out hurtin him. i know i got to but i dont want to hurt him. i will figure this out. i got to. or i am scerewed.

hey all

ok so i am deffently moving out after the 28th of this month. i dont got a clue where i am goin but i am so out of this f%w&wy hell whole i have called home for way to long. i cant take it ne longer than i have to that means as soon as the 28th is pass i am out of here i am just gonna have to find a way to make it.and i will i am a savior at heart. have been since i was very little had to be. my biological mom was addicted to every thing in the i had to savive on my own well at least till i was taken away from her.

i am back again.

my parent dont listent 2 me. they never have. never will. i am just about to go crazy. all i want is for them 2 listent to me 4 once. i cant talk 2 them bout nething. not my friends not school. nothing. nething i bring up they twist into smothing i have done wrong. does that sound right to u? now i am @ a loss.
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