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Wishing Thinking

I just started this sexy job last night. I am beyond anxious to show my goodies to you. If you read my blogs I am very open about sex. Nothing turns me off, and I mean nothing. I love meeting new people, and developing a sexual friendships. If you truly seek sexual satisfaction send me a private message and let me tell you how you can experience me. P.S. Only inbox me if you love talking dirty! HeHe

Truest Feelings

Today I want to share my true feelings with you. Share my deepest desires and fantasies. But before I start I want to make it clear that I will tell all of my thoughts and most of them will be explicit, so if you are truly a sexual pleasure seeker like me continue reading baby. Sit back and allow yourself to fantasize with me for a while. I want to be at a place with you that nothing else matters but me and you.
Let me start by saying that even though I am only 24 I consider myself extremely sexual. I am very well rounded to explore so many naughty things the art of sex has to offer us. I love to push my sexual limits just to see how much my chocolate pussy can squirt my sweet cream all on my fingers and down my thighs. Oh my baby, there I go being naughty and now the tingling in my pussy is started. I guess all it takes is me talking or thinking dirty to get my pussy dripping wet.
I know many ladies don’t like to admit that they enjoy sucking cock, but we are all grown, and I can say that I know what to do with these chocolate lips. I will devour your cock so far down my throat as I finger my pussy getting it ready for your cock. I love to even look up at you while you fuck my face, showing you that I can enjoy your sexy face and handle that big cock of yours at the same time. Once I get you all worked up baby, and my pussy is soaking wet anticipating the arrival of your big cock deep inside, I will unplug my mouth of your cock, and turn over, bend at the waist, and give you the invitation to cum inside my tight pussy.
Oh my baby, I love it when you put me on all fours and fuck me hard and deep. I love feeling like a true bitch while you bang my chocolate pussy so good. 69 is my favorite sex position because with this we can pretend to be anything we want. I can be your lioness and you can be my lion or you can be my horse, and I can be your lady horse ready to receive that huge horse dick baby. See I told you I am a very naughty lady, so it’s only right to walk on the wild side right? I love it when you climb into this pussy. You going so deep inside my inviting pussy. As you stroke me you can feel my true essence baby. Your cock makes my pussy lips quiver as you slide your cock deeper anxious to feel just how deep my pussy walls are. Mmmmmm
My pussy is quivering from your throbbing cock. It feels so good. I feel like my pussy is a cum rocket ready to explode as you fuck me harder. I’m screaming your name begging you to fuck me faster because my warm cum is about to flowing all over your cock. Glab my hips baby and drill your cock so hard inside on me. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh! Yes, baby here it comes all of my warm cum showers your hard cock. At that moment you pull out and tell me to get on my knees. I do as I told, and Whoooo I feel a warm load of sweet cum on my face. Looking up at you with my sexy brown eyes, asking you for another facial or maybe a pearl necklace this time!
This is how I truly want to get fucked by a sexy man like you. My true desires I have told you, and just know that while you were reading this I came so hard just trying to type it. Going to clean off now!

Candy Store

I’m calling all the candy lovers to the front especially caramel lovers! Now that you have accepted my invitation to my candy store, cum inside and get ready to feel like a kid in a candy store all over again.
As you can see on my picture I offer the finest caramel. My caramel will overload your mouth pure sweetness. When you enjoy my caramel let it melt in your tongue for the best results. I love it when a guy let me caramel remain on his tongue until I can’t stand it anymore and I just melt.
Next to my caramel you have chocolate kisses for your enjoyment. You can have just the chocolate drop or you can have a round caramel nugget with a chocolate drop on the top. The choice is yours, but do let me say this I love it when my customers want the caramel nugget with the surprise drop because I makes my breast feel so good. Your tongue playing with my chocolate drop, as you kiss my caramel nuggets. Now you are really sampling all the goods at my candy! You are making my body so warm and soft. Mmmmmm
You began to move down showing me that you want to sample my new treat. Today only I am offering the deluxe banana split. Let me describe to you just what makes it so desirable. You have two caramel candy bars on each side on the bowl. Then I add a Reese cup in between the two caramel candy barks. Once we get to this step you can choose what favor ice-cream you would like. Vanilla, chocolate or both! Mmmmmm. And there you have it, but what makes it so amazing is the final ingredient which can’t be put on this treat until the last bite. With the last bite you will receive not only the last bite of the deluxe banana split, but you will always taste and feel a very silky cream. This cream is only meant to be enjoyed with the last bite of the banana split to make your taste buds shoot to the moon and back.
So now that you have learned on my new treat, will you be the one who tries this deluxe treat? If you are still uneasy about trying it let me allow you to imagine just want your mind should when you read this. Let the two caramel candy bars be my pussy lips nice and smooth just like caramel bars. Let the Reese cup be my clit, so smooth and chocolately, but yet still slightly salty. Mmmmmm! Let your ice-cream be my pussy hole, ready to melt and flow in your mouth. But the best part of this treat is when you are really enjoying it, the explosion of favor kicks in from my organism.
Let me say that I can’t speak for other candy stores, but what I can say for my candy store is that whenever you are invited inside, you will be addicted to me. Only the true sexual freaks will seek out this exotic taste, and truly indulge themselves on my sweetness! You can have a one on one tour if you are up for having a hell of a time!

Naughty Thoughts

Hi everyone! I know its been a while since I have wrote one of my naughty stories, but I’m back and naughtier than ever. After this wild weekend I had, I just have to tell you all the naughty thoughts and desires I had in this dirty little mind of mine.
I know this is totally random, but is it strange that I can’t help myself from looking at every man’s cock, young or older. I can be at the grocery store and see a man walking towards me, and my eyes are instantly glued to his pants. I try not to get caught staring, but when I do I just wink and keep walking. Truth be told I would rather say hey you sexy man let me see that cock baby, but we both know that that’s not the morally right thing to do.
So with that being said Friday I went to the Food Lion to pick up something to cook for dinner. I walked in and went to the coupon center like I always do. I gathered my coupons and began shopping. I walked down the frozen food aisle, and my nipples began to turn into chocolate drops. I grabbed my breast and began massaging them. Just then I noticed a tall mid age white guy walking my way. I thought to myself he is really sexy so let me have me a quick look. By now he is in good viewing site, so I fix my eyes to his cock area and zoom in. I could see his cock print through his pants. It seemed to be so big he had it cramped in his rather tight fixing pants.
I looked until he was right beside me, and that’s when I noticed that he had saw me staring at his penis. I instantly felt like a bad girl, but from the look on his face he knew he was packaging. Our eyes meet, and he gave me the sexiest smile. My pussy began wet just thinking about his hard white cock fucking me so good. I smiled at him, and kept shopping for dinner. Even though by the time I finished shopping he was already gone, I thought about him all night and all the things we could have done……..

Pleasure Seekers

This is for the true pleasure seekers. I aim to please beyond measures and I will let you see for yourself. Check me out at Account Number: 197174 Hope to see you soon. If you mention you reading this I will see you an ass pic after our call. Something to remember me by!

Happy Monday

Its me again coming to say hello. I just love living life. I hope you do to. Worry less party more lol. But I have been busy getting my arrangements together for my sexy photo shoot. It should be in the sexy two weeks that I post them on my job site. If you would love to see them check me out at and keep an eye out. I will look for you there. I'm Lady Exotic
p.s. oh yea and if you have any sexy photo ideas when you call me let me know and I will do it just for you baby!

Make Love

I want a guy to make love to my mind, body, and heart. I want to know that while he is deep inside of me that all of me is his. I love the feeling of being captured by sexual desire so much that you acquire to reach heights you never imagined you could. I love to push my sexual limits beyond what I am comfortable with because if you stay in your comfort zone how would you ever know if that is more to experience.
I consider myself very talented when it comes to the art of sex. I say this because I allow myself to be as open as possible to all things someone may desire. I think that this allows the mind to be able to accept what turns others on. I can honestly say that I get wet whenever someone shares desires and fantasies wit =h me. I love hearing what turns you on and why it does. I feel as though so many people are shut off from exploring sex the way they want to because of social concerns. I think that once you open yourself up to what makes you happy then you can really find what brings you the maximum pleasure. “You only go as far as you allow yourself” Remember this, and the next time you are alone and are dying to try some crazy freaky idea of how you will stroke your cock, go for it! Or if you are with your girlfriend, and you want to flip your girl in the air as you fucking her and then give her a warm pearl necklace, go for it!
All Im saying is go for what you desire deep inside, and let everything else flow. Just a thought I had to share. I will talk with you in the morning! Goodnight!


Can I Be Your Valentine Tonight?

All I want tonight is to be your Valentine. I would love to make you mine as well if only for tonight…..Let this be a night we will both remember! I love the fact that I am so open and free with myself so much that tonight I will make you feel as though we have already known each other for a while.
So let me be a lady and introduce myself. My name is MiMi, and I am 24 with a very creative mind. Sexy sense of humor. But overall the lady that you have always dreamed about! I hope that tonight you will join me on exploring each other’s sexual desires.
Okay so as we both know most ladies love to receive balloons, flowers, chocolates, etc. for Valentine’s Day, but for me all I really want for some reason this year is a nice sensual touch that will make my soul shiver. I would love to just have you for this night, and you have me. Let whatever you have going on out of your mind and just focus on me for the while. I promise to that as you are reading this I am thinking you and how it most feels to be held by you….
You surprise me at work with a dozen balloons, a dozen white and red roses, and a huge box of chocolates. I just want you to know that you made my day babe, and that I love that you are showing me that you care, but oh baby just want until tonight I promise to show you just how much I care. You kiss me goodbye and leave to go back to work. I close my eyes and smile thinking of you. I open my box of chocolates as my mouth watered to feel the warm cream melt in my mouth. I placed the first chocolate in my mouth and just liked I hoped it was heaven on earth. I could just imagine tasting you later tonight. Mmmmmm! I managed to only eat half the box, and told myself to save some for later.
Five o’clock rolled around faster than I expected, but it didn’t matter to me because I had already packed my bags and was just waiting for the clock to say five. I left work baby and ran and picked up a few things to surprise you with dinner. Tonight’s menu: Parmesan Crusted Chicken, mash potatoes topped with bacon bits, green beans, and for dinner I decided to surprise you with a special treat!!!! I quickly whip up dinner, and by seven you walk through the door.
Hey babe, how was your day? I grab your hand and lead you to the dining room. I gently squeeze your hand and look back and smile. We enter the dining room, and I look back at your face to see your reaction when you see what I have done for you. I love the face you gave me when you saw the red silk table cloths, two lit candles in the middle of the table, when you heard the music softly playing in the background. Then you noticed our plates on the table with two wine glasses filled with champagne. Stop looking at me like that yes I did this for you babe. You deserve it. You have been so good to me, now let me show you just how a lady should cater to her man. We walk over to the table and sit down. I can see in your eyes that you are just that much more amazed and babe you have me on a natural high already, so I know tonight will be mind blowing.
We enjoy dinner, and just when we finish up eating I hear one of my favorite songs playing. I slowly walk over and turn the volume up. You looking at me like here we go again, but baby it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t get a little wild. Come over here baby, and let me feel your body heat against yours. I wrap my arms around your shoulders and you grab my waist. I look up at you with my sexy brown eyes as you piece my soul with the sensual look you are giving me. I want you so bad and my body is calling your name. Mmmmm, I feel your cock slowly stick out from your pants growing as it climbs up my belly. Just this moment feeling you so close against me. My breast pressing against your chest. My pussy pressed against your hard cock. I can’t take it anymore. Let’s go see what I have planned in your bedroom tonight baby…..
I open the door and instantly a red light meets our eyes! I can see how bad you just want to know what I have planned, but I promise its better if I just surprise you tonight. I lead you over to our king size bed, and I climb on top. You are now standing at the foot of the bed starring at my body lay so perfectly on top of the red silk sheets on the bed. I look you in your eyes and ask you to take my clothes off piece by piece. You slowly take my pink t-shirt off over my head, then you slowly guide my sweat pants off. So here I am almost exposed to you. I love when you look at my body the way you do. I lust for you just as much as you lust for me, so please undress yourself and let me see your amazing body art baby. I sit up and watch every piece of clothing you have on drop to the floor. Here you are standing before me with a body that truly melts my heart. I just want to have you for tonight! Nothing else matter, not work, not anything just me and you!
I move to the edge of the bed where you are standing and lay on my back. I lay my head hand off the side of the bed and open my mouth showing you just how I want to start off. You look shocked baby but relax and let me do all the work tonight. You lower your cock down my open throat. I love the way if feels sliding down my throat nice and slow filling me up with your cock. You start to slide it in and out of my mouth a little faster. I open my eyes and watch your cock slide in and out of my mouth and your balls pressing against my forehead. Fuck me mouth babe just like that. Make it grow so long and hard in my mouth. Have my mouth however you want baby tonight you can have all three of my holes just promise to treat the right!
By now I can feel your sex muscles hit down my throat oh how I love to feel you control my mouth like you do with your cock. Just then you slide your cock out dripping wet with my spit and flip me over so I am now in the doggie style position. You tell me to look back at you as you enter me. I slowly turn my eyes to you and watch your eyes pentrate me just as much as your cock is. The way our bodies feel with you push it deep inside me like that is amazing. I feel like our bodies are dancing to the beat of our drum. My pussy is juicy wet as you stretch my pussy so wide with your cock. Can you hear my pussy guts as you fuck me harder and harder. I love it when you hold my hips as you thrust deep inside me. You make me scream when you hit my spot. My toes are curled as you continue to fuck me. You suddenly grab my hips tighter and thrust one finally time, and you explode inside my pussy. I can feel the warm cream fill me up. Then all of a sudden, you flip me on top of you. I’m anxious to show you that I can drive a big body Benz like yours. So now that you have gave me the keys to your Benz buckle up and let me put your gear stick in drive, lets go for a ride.
Look how fast you bounced back I love that about you always ready to unload. Every inch standing tall for me. I lift up and lower myself onto your cock. I tighten my pussy muscles as I slide down on your cock. I notice that you have your eyes closed, well I aim to have your toes curl. Once I have you buried deep inside of me, I begin to slowly rock my pussy back and forth allowing you to feel every stretch of my pussy walls. You place your hands on my hips as I’m popping my pussy on your cock. Our moans and groans fill the air like sweet melodies. I rotate my hips in a figure eight movements. I lay down and press my breast against the bed as I grab my ass checks and spread them. Showing you what is next to come. Im sliding up and down faster and faster. I can feel your veins in your cock grow bigger. I know I have you about to explode, so I do my special trick just for you and slide my pussy to the tip of your cock and as I am lowering myself on you I squeeze and release my pussy walls capturing your cock deep inside my warm tight hole. You melt inside of me at the very moment. Ummm the feeling of satisfaction.
You laid there completely weak as you twitch. Don’t worry its nothing wrong with the amount of pleasure you feel right now because I love to embrace every pleasurable thing that comes to sex. I lean over and kiss you so soft and whisper in your ear: Are you ready for round 3? You open your eyes for a brief moment and said baby if I go from round 3 I will for sure pass out. I understand baby just wanted to give you everything you want. You looked at me and said I enjoyed every minute with me, and that this will be a night to remember. I just smile at you because I agree. For a moment nothing else mattered but each other. I needed your body more than you know on this Valentine. So again I ask you can you be my Valentine?

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