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Naughty Thoughts

Hi everyone! I know its been a while since I have wrote one of my naughty stories, but I’m back and naughtier than ever. After this wild weekend I had, I just have to tell you all the naughty thoughts and desires I had in this dirty little mind of mine.
I know this is totally random, but is it strange that I can’t help myself from looking at every man’s cock, young or older. I can be at the grocery store and see a man walking towards me, and my eyes are instantly glued to his pants. I try not to get caught staring, but when I do I just wink and keep walking. Truth be told I would rather say hey you sexy man let me see that cock baby, but we both know that that’s not the morally right thing to do.
So with that being said Friday I went to the Food Lion to pick up something to cook for dinner. I walked in and went to the coupon center like I always do. I gathered my coupons and began shopping. I walked down the frozen food aisle, and my nipples began to turn into chocolate drops. I grabbed my breast and began massaging them. Just then I noticed a tall mid age white guy walking my way. I thought to myself he is really sexy so let me have me a quick look. By now he is in good viewing site, so I fix my eyes to his cock area and zoom in. I could see his cock print through his pants. It seemed to be so big he had it cramped in his rather tight fixing pants.
I looked until he was right beside me, and that’s when I noticed that he had saw me staring at his penis. I instantly felt like a bad girl, but from the look on his face he knew he was packaging. Our eyes meet, and he gave me the sexiest smile. My pussy began wet just thinking about his hard white cock fucking me so good. I smiled at him, and kept shopping for dinner. Even though by the time I finished shopping he was already gone, I thought about him all night and all the things we could have done……..

Bello_Boi: she loves white dicks
5 years ago Report
Blackshoes: Is this true ??I often wonder ?? If any woman at all think like this ??
5 years ago Report
maliyamommy: Yes this is very true! Can't help it
5 years ago Report