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Spoken Word Poetry

Hey Bobby (bush).
The masters are back.
They're up to good just like the old days,
they played dead when you stood over their graves bobby!
they played dead when you stood over their graves!
By the time the flags had rotted off their antennas,
they were questioning who the real threat is.
Big brotherly love is the the 21st centuries plague,
no matter how bloody the glove, question the evidence that's displayed.
Don't forget what two plus two equals.
Don't let them upgrade your math, no matter what they have it's proof of evil.
Remember when they went after the Jewish people? You don't recognize that same
black mask i see through.
Attack of the eagles.
ONE IN HIS BALD HEAD!F%~& what we're force-fed. All I ever wanted was a warm bed,
and a house that wasn't haunted.
Monkey see monkey do.
I wonder what that f#*zy%# monkey saw.
Keep re-thinking still frames in your mind, I guarantee they will change with time.
Your outline is pixelated with poor resolution while down time was simply wasted
you were born execution style.
Head first in a trial.
I'll second the motion.
Til the jury's bored to death and puts your neck in a notion!
Situation: Volatile.
A naked, problem child, trying to find the right clown costume to make his father smile.
He bonds when he tries to tell jokes.
This ain't a false alarm, can't you smell the smoke?
You're in the line of fire where they buy and sell votes, our sence of liberty isn't true stupid, that's why the bell broke.
Trench-coat mafiosos repel rocks! At recruitment officers, and rebel against cops.
They hurdle infinite circles in small cell blocks.
Turtle upon turtle, until they're all shellshocked.
This so called president (bush) got elected in a court room.
With the war ethics of pops, inherited a fortune.
We talk, talk, talk, so the veterans of war assume the revolution stopped.
This ain't a protest tune.
This ain't a love it, or leave it; it's a change it or use it.
I won't sing the anthem of a nation who never faces the music.
Hey Bobby.
Them bastards are back.
It's our turn to stand over their grave.
I'ma do it right this time...I'm awake...I'ma wait until their f%^z#@' skin decays.
You can't roam a lost land as the last existing dinosaur.
There's no escaping ass kickings in these times of war.
Replacing apples with hospitals...where doctors are hostile,
Killing two pterodactyls with one fossil.
Thumb through novels to have your fingerprints match
the description of criminals committing innocent acts
of compassion for tired civilians crawling with pistols.
While we fire million dollar warning missiles.
Force the issues in the back of your head where eyes roll.
Brain wash yourself out of that mind control.
Or act a fool like you're told.
But we won't see no type of justice until that f&^# removes the blindfold.
Chasing an ever-elusive caveman in space ships that make trips
to the futures that are name-brand.
Faking progress...but we're not advanced.
Enough to change the posture of our ape stance?
They've got the key to the city but they prefer the break-in entry.
Duck and weave, I'm shedding light in their shadow box to make it empty.
There's nothing scarier than the human stories I tell ghosts.
Chilling accounts with my tongue frozen to bed posts.
The catharses of carcasses whenever threats are close,
shows a heartlessness that doesn't register on stethoscopes.
Sell your hopes for a homeland security chart,
until your sense of self is broke and no man's pure in the heart.
Preventive detention for the folks who never left home.
Tensions have grown into a 24/7 red zone.
Scare tactics have got you under control.
The fear factors of a color code.
The uppers know they can't hold you down without having anchors attached.
"It's all the same."
Nah, balls and chains on ankles don't match.
So drag your torso back to the off road.
We may have lost the fashion battle but we ain't lost the wardrobe.
Go window shopping for your next free meal,
because when we start the revolution all you'll probably do is steal.

We Are The Center.

We are the center. In each of our minds- some call it arrogance, or selfishness-we are the center, and all the world moves about us, and for us. This is the paradox of community, the one and the whole, the desires of the one often in the direct conflict with the needs of the whole. Who among us has not wondered if all the world is no more than a personal dream?
I do not believe that such thoughts are arrogant or selfish. It is simply the matter of perception: we can empathize with someone else, but cannot truly see the world as another person sees it, or judge events as they affect the mind and the heart of another, even a friend.
But we must try. For the sake of all the world, we must try. This is the test of altruism, the most basic and endeniable ingerdient for society. Therein lies the paradox, for ultimately, logically, we must care more about ourselves than about others, and yet, if, as rational beings we fallow that logical course, we place our needs and desires above the needs of our society, and then there is no community.
I come from Michigan City, city of gang violence and tragedy, city of self. I have seen that way of selfishness. I have seen it fail miserably. When self-indulgence rules, than all the community loses, and in the end, those striving for personal gains are left with nothing of any real value.
Because everything of value that we will know in this life comes from our relationships with those around us. Because there is nothing material that measure against the intangibles of love and friendship.
Thus, we must overcome that selfishness and we must try; we must care. I saw this turth plainly following the attack on my friend chris a while ago. My first inclination was to believe that my past had precipitated the trouble, that my life course had again brought pain to a friend. I could not bear the thought. I felt old and i felt tired. Susequently learning that the trouble was probably brought on by my brother's old enemies, not my own, gave me more heart for the fight.
Why is that? The danger to me was no less, nor was the danger to chris, or to nina, or any of the others about us.
Yet my emotions were real, very real, and I recognized and understood them, if not their source. Now, in reflection, I recognize that source, and take pride in it. I have seen the failure of self-indulgence, and i have run from such a world. I would rather die because of chris' past than have him die of my own. I would suffer the physical pains, even the end of my life. Better that than watch one I love suffer and die because of me. I would rather have my physical heart torn from my chest, than have my heart of hearts, the essence of love, the empathy and the need to belong to something bigger than my corporeal form, destroyed.
They are a curious thing, these emotions. how they fly in the face of logic, how the overrule the most basic instincts. Because, in the measure of time, in the measure of humanity, we sense those self-indulgent instincts to be a weakness, we sense that the needs of the community must outweigh the desires of the one. Only when we admit to our failures and recognize our weakness can we rise above them.

Nothing Will Drive You Mad More Than Your Own Intelligence

Don't delve too deep into your mind, because if you search around enough, you may end up asking yourselves the same questions that I do. This is what goes on in my head.

You see the world (america for me) for what it is through the physical eye every day: a piece of crap. But once you've experienced true happiness through love, it's all that you will strive for. I try to keep my love consistant and tenacious. To not live through happiness and despair at regular intervals, but to live wholly in the comfort and salvation of love and happiness.
Then I begin to think of my beloved. I think about whether she loves me the way I love her, or if the dark thoughts and sin in this accursed world have manifested around her conscienceness as they have in so many others. And if those ways have manifested within her, who's to say that every other girl/guy hasnt succumbed to this evil way of thinking? Therefore I can never be truly happy, for I will never wholly understand the thoughts or intentions of another's heart.
That is where faith comes in. You must believe that the one you love will always love and care for you. The closest you will ever come to true mutual love, is when you keep faith in each other.
If you don't have faith and believe the love in your relationships with others is pure and true, then you will forever be held fast by the clutches of despair.

It takes a lot out of me, but I have to keep telling myself it's all love, it's all good.