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This is a shared account between the two of us. We are twins such states the profile name but ya I'm Shiro, I would say I'm pretty easy going and a friendly person I pretty much down for anything. and now I will give my brother a moment to tell you about himself. My name is Shizo I'm Shiro's twin brother as you've probably guessed and I honestly don't really care much about anything, I mean real life is such a drag. But I swear to god if anyone hurts Shiro in anyway I will show no mercy! but other wise ya I'm not into it that much, just don't think I'm rude if I don't answer you it's probably just because I'm taking an nap or I don't give a damn about you at the moment. Ok well back to me that was my brother Shizo. don't worry he's nicer once you get to know him. well bye!

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