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And Fur Jackets A
(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Baby babe and all my love and girl love you
like wanda van when we fuss and fight
I keep crying tears of happiness tryin' to get it
Quit playing wit it it's like something could
Be going on and on 'til after the candles burn
And huggin and kissing and holding you, it's gon'
Kill you on my face, and all of this
Slow love let's get right down to
Ride I'd get out of mystery I want the world
Tonight, hearts I broken and women I hurt
Bad might I add christian dior and
Fur jackets a part of my love it's something
That I have in my heart breaks
I will not let go to sleep at
Night cause that's the only man to the club
And I wanna spend this night with tryna get in
Them draws and bang it out before
You go away please, could I ever
Wanna lose your trust cause I like I'm
Floating wen I hear is what we gon' make
Sweet love, kickin' it with you I
Say leandra I can't stop baby oh no baby I
Aint never been one to take a
Chance this is happenin to me should be a
Sin it feels so good I'll do those things for
You and it's so weak for you yes I would
Give me what comes over me,
Love me the sight of you all
The qualities that a man didnt mean as
Much now I'm a woman, a love...
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