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I love to be in the ocean, the fringe benefits are sunrises, sunsets, dolphins, smiles and health. I really want to be the best Steven I can be; it's a constant work in progress. I wish I could be more philanthropic and do things to help others, it might help if I had a partner who helped to make this a team effort. I believe that behind every successful man is an amazing woman who completed the team that enabled them both to flourish. If you truly love someone you have no problem doing things that make them happy even when you'd rather not.

I am big on self improvement and goal setting. I listen to "Ultimate Goal Setting", "Think and Grow Rich, Tony Robbins, and others. I can carry on a conversation, but do not need to hear myself talk all the time. I have opinions, but am also open to new information. I am loyal, attractive, kind, passionate stable and very excited for the future. I believe in a relationship that is monogamous, trustful, and can grow into something great. I am grateful for my life experiences and the growing experiences they have given me.

I enjoy my life and consider myself a young soul. My kids are grown and I have the time and means to enjoy life to its fullest. The woman I am looking to meet should know herself and be happy with her life and be looking to have fun and laugh with me and enjoy all that life has to offer, I was married for 22 years and have been divorced now for a handful and am looking for a long term relationship and possible marriage.

In my free time I like going to the beach, concerts, skiing, golfing, shopping (urban legend?), and going out to dinner; anything new and fun. I also love to travel, be it NYC, up north to Napa where you find the best food and wine (red wine only) the country has to offer, or to Hawaii where life is just paradise.

I'm looking for someone that enjoys life and doesn't take herself too seriously. I like a woman who is active and takes care of
herself. Someone with a good heart and a warm demeanor.

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