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MontanaMatt: So all over the country now we have these electronic reader boards then tell us how many people have died on that particular States highways this calendar year. Just a nice reminder to be safe. But...... Because there's always a but..... The first reader board I saw in Nebraska this morning said 81 highway deaths this year. The second reader board I saw in Nebraska this morning said..... 88 highway deaths in Nebraska this year. Stay with me. Obviously I understand how that number can jump up quickly. And that's certainly a tragedy. But the next reader board I saw in Nebraska that this morning said.... 80 highway traffic deaths in Nebraska this year. I am very well aware of how death works and why that number would get bigger. But I am completely at a loss as to how that number could possibly shrink. We thought those eight people were dead..... But they were just taking a nap? On the other hand I guess it could be just Nebraska?
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sunnyhaze2006: Obviously they need to edit the totals. otherwise it's just morbid. Although no less disturbing that they lost track of eight human beings.
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