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MontanaMatt: Well I just got home after my meeting with the boss. And it went very well. He read me the email that he got from the tour manager requesting a replacement driver.... and as soon as he was done reading it he said...." I have absolutely no doubt that at least 90% of that is bullshit. But you know the truth.... and if there's things he mentioned that you can do better.... I expect you to improve"
Of course there are things I can and will do better. Chief among them is better communication with the tour manager.
All in all an extremely productive meeting. He did a great job of making sure I knew that the company will back me 100%. And I very much appreciated hearing that.
So I feel a whole lot better about that mess. And going forward it is behind me.... where it should have been at least a week ago. But until you have that meeting with the boss.... there's obviously some concerns on my mind. All gone now!
Doing a quick co drive tomorrow.... and then headed for Toronto on Saturday. Picking up Grouplove (alt rock group) for another month on the road. 🙂
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BugHug: I am so glad you have a great boss and the meeting went well I've never heard of Grouplove but I am 51 and into country so that doesn't surprise me at all lol! You're on the road for a month with them? Any other Canadian stops?
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MontanaMatt in reply to BugHug: I actually haven't heard of them myself. Unfortunately the only Canadian stop is the first one in Toronto. Everything else is east and north of Fargo North Dakota.... but in the States.
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