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MontanaMatt: Legally I can only drive 10 hours in a bus. Good thing this venue wasn't half a mile further down the road. I got parked here with 4 minutes on the clock! 😳 Mostly because it took right at 2 hours to get through Detroit. I think Detroit gets a bad rap overall.... but if you feel like ripping them a new one for that traffic mess then feel free! I'm wit ya!
But we are parked right across the street from the Great American Ballpark....home of the Cincinnati Reds. I've always loved this city.... since the first time I drove through here in 2014. It's a really exciting city to drive a truck or a bus through or to. And it's old.... but it's beautiful!
Ok. That's my update. I'm waiting on a call from my Nashville mechanic regarding an air door issue.... and as soon as that comes through I am catching an Uber to the hotel and I am down and out until tomorrow morning. 😴 👋
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