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MontanaMatt: Well I've been caught in a mechanical shitstorm.
All of a sudden my bus is nothing but trouble. The biggest of those troubles being the generator. It's been 3 days of hell. The biggest problem being that without a working generator there's very little chance I can keep the temperature in the sleeping compartment at a reasonable number. I don't know anybody that can sleep in an 85° room! So after 3 days of fighting it..... and not being able to guarantee the band that's paying for the bus a smooth trouble-free ride.... people that make more money than me have decided to replace my bus on this tour. I'm back at my hotel for the night and I've been instructed to head for Nashville tomorrow morning. And promised they will immediately set to work repairing my bus and get me back on the road with somebody else very quickly. I got phone calls from four different executives making sure I knew none of this was my fault. The band was thrilled with me.... and have already expressed a desire to have me drive them around again someday.
But.... between being relieved of Duty on the last tour.... and this tour being cut short by three full weeks.... I've just had $17,000 removed from my wallet. I expect the company will address that in some fashion when I get back to Nashville. 🤷‍♂️
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