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On 13th of September there's a "typical feast" in Spain, in the town of Tordesillas. Its name is "El Toro de la Vega".
This cruel tradition is dated in the year 1355.
Why is it cruel?
Men riding horses pursue a bull for all the town and they pin pikes over the animal. The bull has no more chance to defend than the impact that ocasionally does, but the men are faster and more powerful than it, so they hurt it nearly to death.
Finally, the animal is cornered, and weak and tired, is wildly killed. Then, a man chosen by the town has the "honor" to cut its testicles off.
Many animal associations that defends the rights of animals protest every year against this awkward "feast" with the only result of shouts and insults from the citizens of Tordesillas who defends this tradition.
Here you can see this cruel show, but if you have many sensibility, please, don't watch (it's a good advice)


Since monday at night, Heaven has a new citizen.
The son of a dear friend has died. He lived around 20 days that we were praying for him but finally, he parted away.
But, instead of focusing on the saddest part, I want to think about the baby.
He was received by God, who caught him in His powerful arms, hugging the baby with care; the same way He will hug us when we will be in His presence. Now this baby is better off than he could be ever, enjoying the glorious presence of God, with no pain, no illness, no worry. He has now a Father who loves him more than any other and he will take care of him forever and ever and has a big family in Heaven.

Now we don't need to worry about him. I only want to ask you, my friends, for your prayers again. Pray for my friend and his wife, they need counseling, love and be strong.
Who knows if someday God gives them a new baby?
Sometimes we don't understand why God does something or not, but He's in control, He loves us and He knows what we need. So praise the Lord


In a big house big joint family a husband and wife agreed that anytime they want to have s^*, they will call it a 'EMail' so that the kids will not decode.

One day, the husband sent his son from their bedroom to tell his mother that, "Daddy badly needs to make an urgent Email.

Mother return the son to respond, "Tell your Dad that the your Email can not go in, Network is not responding today.

Frustrated Dad to his son, "Go tell your mother that fix the Network soon and if there is no Network, Dad may go to out to a Public place to send the Email today".

Angry mother tells her son to go and tell his dad, "if he dare go to a Public place to eject an Email, she will open a Call Center at home"


This is a request for all my friends.
A good friend of mine needs our prayers for the health of his newborn child. So please, don't forget in your prayers for the life of this baby. May the Almighty God saves his life and gives him a life like any other child.
God bless u all


Something that you should know about your eyes:
They blink at the same time, they move together, they cry together, they see things together and they sleep together. But they never can see one to each other.
Friendship should be like this.
Maybe I didn't see u for months, or I don't talk to u, but u must know that I don't need to see u to feel that u're with.

Your friend says: I LOVE YOU


The users of this chat surely know that we come here looking for some friends, someone to talk to, share worries and joys, maybe we look for love, the one who makes you smile and think that there's a different life. Sometimes we fight, fall in love, make a role, hurt someone, heal other, help if we can, but most of the time we're living a second life here. Though many of us aren't fake and their lives are here the same as when we're not here.
Today, real life slapped me in this cyber world...
BrotherRabbit1937 is now enjoying in the presence of God.
I'm not the better person to talk about him because i didn't know BrotherR too much.
I met him in International Room and i was amazed of his kind and his age. It was strange for me seeing a person not so young there. He said he was sick of cancer and I said that I'd pray for him, also added him as friend. I thanked him for the add and he replied me. A pretty answer. Of course, that night i prayed for him to the Almighty.
But he left us, also with a whole in our hearts and a pain where we don't know. Real life came suddenly and reminded us that we're not living in a cyber world. This pain is real, this loneliness is real. My brother was real, a real son of God, a prince, a chosen one.
I'm a bit sad for not knowing him more but God wanted this so, anyway praise the Lord and I thank Him for letting me know my brother at least for a few days


Two friends were talking:

-Did that director chose you for the role on that movie?

The other friend replied:

-They wanted someone brave, and I was... BRAVE
They wanted someone audacious and I was... AUDACIOUS
They wanted someone handsome and I was... BRAVE


A young boy was talking to God, trying to understand the Almighty.
-Lord, what does one million of years mean for you?
-One million of years means just one minute for me -replied the Lord.
-Lord, what does one million of dollars mean for you?
-One million of dollars means just one penny for me -replied the Lord.
The boy kept in silencie for a while.
-Lord, can you give one penny, please?
-Of course, my son. Wait a minute...

What's happening?

Sometimes i'm feeling alone in this big ol' world, i see people around me passing without looking at me
Maybe i'm invisible for them
i feel i don't have identity, lost in this strange world
I wish I could be accepted....


How can I express all the feelings I feel towards you?
You asked me if I loved you from the heart, and I answered "yes".
You asked me if I loved you from the mind, and I answered "yes".
You knew everything about me, my daily mood, my deepest thoughts, every little thing...
But now things had changed but no my feelings, I feel the same, I still think of you
I know that sometimes I'm not too good or I don't do what I must do but you're on my mind and on my heart every hour of every minute and every second, and still...

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