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The users of this chat surely know that we come here looking for some friends, someone to talk to, share worries and joys, maybe we look for love, the one who makes you smile and think that there's a different life. Sometimes we fight, fall in love, make a role, hurt someone, heal other, help if we can, but most of the time we're living a second life here. Though many of us aren't fake and their lives are here the same as when we're not here.
Today, real life slapped me in this cyber world...
BrotherRabbit1937 is now enjoying in the presence of God.
I'm not the better person to talk about him because i didn't know BrotherR too much.
I met him in International Room and i was amazed of his kind and his age. It was strange for me seeing a person not so young there. He said he was sick of cancer and I said that I'd pray for him, also added him as friend. I thanked him for the add and he replied me. A pretty answer. Of course, that night i prayed for him to the Almighty.
But he left us, also with a whole in our hearts and a pain where we don't know. Real life came suddenly and reminded us that we're not living in a cyber world. This pain is real, this loneliness is real. My brother was real, a real son of God, a prince, a chosen one.
I'm a bit sad for not knowing him more but God wanted this so, anyway praise the Lord and I thank Him for letting me know my brother at least for a few days