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Walking Above the Clouds, a poem

Walking Above the Clouds

No loneliness now, only the

Beauty of emptiness to see.

My heart is clear of pain and

Fear. A smile for every step.

It’s not a miracle, nor ordinary

Either. No sounds to distract.

I’m lighter than a feather now.

No baggage weighs me down.

There’s room for all to be free.

The views are something to see.

Yes! It’s too true about us all.

Walking high above the clouds.

I’ll want for nought. Neither

Will troubles follow my tread.

All’s forgotten in wonder’s play.

Look at it and see, say it, too.

Oh! The void holds such peace.

Beams of light on beauty’s way.

Imagine for yourself, and you’ll see.

How it is walking above the clouds.

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original tao
original tao: Hi Sarra,

Interesting confluence of juxtapositions in this video. The visuals and lyrics are also a good fit for my little poem.

I'm glad you liked it.

Kind thoughts...stay safe...Tao.
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