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been to a private island at Pulau Redang & Pulau Tioman for a week...
such a wonderful place I can't explain it with word

i miss the night when we laydown at the sands counting shooting stars
i miss the way you look at me with that smiles everywhere
i miss the way we ignored each other to pleased someone else
and i miss the way we actually miss being together and can't sleep without telling each other to take care

i know you miss me too because it shows
but dear.... i miss you more.


it's better off this way..
I'm mistaken
it was not meant to be.

i don't know..but i believe.

watching sunrise in silence..
i never thought about it before.

you said it best..
when you say nothing at all.

What I am afraid of

i am afraid of being afraid

Going on a trip!!

doing field work again..
going to an island to pick up samples of plankton and zooplankton.
to tell the truth i'm not really into science stuff but i just can't stay away from the beaches!!
and i want to be good in everything i do..even when things don't work out the way we planned i just need to move on..shit happens sometimes

to have a little faith

taking pictures at this time is a perfect getaway for me. accompany friends to the beach to take samples of the horseshoe crab @ belangkas blood for their research was just a reason for me to get out of the library.
being busy the entire month or at least another four month
makes me want to cry everyday. but it's c'est la vie.
in june i'll be doing my practical training at the most wonderful place.
the marine park!! yeay
will be spending a lot of time at the beach..
will taking a lot of pictures too..
coming soon..need to stay strong.

Songs I would put on a road trip mix CD

1) bacpacking around europe-yuna
2) chasing cars-snow patrol
3) i'm yours-jason mraz

Things I would take with me to a desert island

3)aladin lamp

A bizarre gift

dinner at look up point ampang with all my besties.

what am i thinking..

i don't know what i'm doing.
but still..
i want to do something.
better than nothing.

life ahead.
it's harder than i thought.
but i've to survive.
i must.

stand up straight.
pull myself all together.
and move on.