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i'm across for an unknown time at present from the mainland for work,Divorced with a beautiful son to whom I am very close but for various reasons am not being permitted access to him at present by a wife who I regret not having treated with a bit more respect when we were married and,having very different philosophies grew apart in later years.I consider myself a sensitive and emotional person by nature but you wouldn't know that to look at me!More than anything else I really need a friend,someone to listen to me and for that to be reciprocated.I have varied interests including reading,motorbikes,gardening and the odd beer(or two!)It may be cliched but I'd like to make a connection with someone in the time that remains to me on earth and generate some positive karma.People that encounter me have a generally positive reaction to me but no-one really knows you as well as you do yourself and I guess we all have unrealistic expectations of ourselves and ,perhaps others.I feel a great love for humanity in general but there is flip side to that insofar as I can feel slightly misanthropic when you look at what people are capable of doing to each other,both on an individual and,indeed, a global level.Is there anybody out there with whom any of the above resonates?If so lets talk.I'm sagittarian by birth and therefore honest and direct by nature.I am content with my lot in general but a bit of joy and happiness isn't too much to ask for,eh? I have always been happy with solitude but in my older age am feeling somewhat lonely so if you fancy a chat,here I be.Regards to all,signing off in anticipation!Peloquin(which for those of you in the know is a character from a Clive Barker novel,my favourite author)Adieu! x

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