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all bout me,I enjoy my second job delivering just about every thing there is out there to deliver,Ive meet so many people in my travels and I feel so bad when someone passes away so far 6 people i deliver to have since passed away...I enjoy going to the movies,playing BINGO garagesaling whenever i can and my job,I thank my daughter sheri for helping me set up my page on face book if I can share with you who read this if you ever knew me I use to enjoy my drinking so much all it caused was problems,I thank my stepfather Wally and mother vera for there encouraging words about quit drinking,I ve decided for my self to give up drinking so far its been since july 2 2010 since ive been sober and im enjoying every minuite of it,my life has changed for the better i wish my friends would experience the same....I enjoy my grandchildren Kiara,Ketanna,Hailyjane,Alea and a new one on the way so how i see it im set for old age i have someone to look after me,,,,just kidding,,I'LL probably be homeless.....ha ....ha........on a serious note I could not forget to mention my oldest son Darrin who passed away August 5 2005 not a day goes by that i miss him he will always live in my finish i thank you for your interest in looking me up and i wish you all the best....and all the good life has to offer remember its your desicion to make the right choices in your life........all the best..and life is good...take care now..later.

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