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A place to make new friends and chat about anything that approaches our twisted minds.
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Just to beable to come on in, put your feet on the table yourself and chat freely
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For anyone who loves rock music!!
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this is a club for anyone that like's movies
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wanna talk about all typse of horror movies then come on in. all welcome?
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All about video games, any platform. Xbox, PS2, PC, and any other platform out there.
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This Club Is For Everyone Who Knows To Love. :$ "To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides." ;)
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talking for love.
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Hey there! I run my own local canine care service business and i also happen to really like dogs in general! So, if you own a dog, or just like them, we have something in common! Share your good,bad...
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I cant think of any other description but "SHIT HAPPENS"
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It's our life and we'll do what we want with it
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who loves anime?? come come seeeeee! share pictures and faves anime rwoks!
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who r naughty and do not fear in doing mischiefs can join :P
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The soul slightly deflates when their picture doesn't appear
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football chat
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Just a play to talk about Johnny Depp and his past films, present films or future films! Or anything else Depp related ^-^
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(This club has been deleted)
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for anyone who has trouble going to sleep at night most of the time cause of there crappy thinking or just anything else that bothers yous
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This is a place for people to vent about perverted private messages!!
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Sorry, but I only like people with one face. :|
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Why wouldn't u care about ur wire friends as much as the once in real life ? They're as important,caring,funny and w.e the once u live in same town is. So if u agree u should join,if not maybe...
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(H) (H) (H) okay.. who am I kidding? I still do it :D hahaha.
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This is a club that you can come into and make new friends and talk about your love ones!! The one and where everyone won't get tired of hearing it!!!
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:D join if u agree
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We've had our share of gettin hurt and our hearts gettin broken...This is da club for Strong people that have gotten thru hard times and we stick 2gether!!!!
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2:37:18 PM
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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Hai friends... RaIn The most beautiful gift of nature !!!! Those who love RaIn can Join here..feel the rain...
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A writers club to get together where you can tell your stories or write ideas down for stories or if you are stuck on a story and need ideas or even post stories for others to read.
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If you don't know...
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well i love gurls with pierceings and tatoos so u have them than show them lol well it is mostly about crazy weomen who love to take risk and do not regreat them
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Looking for that right one!  Enter here!
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U ever met someone so stupid u just wanna choke them?
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Hi anybody want to know something about star wars
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I've been a good boy/girl, so where the hell is my damn cookie???? :rage:
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Who wants what to happen to who.  What do u think will happen to Ted?  who is Mrs. Ted Mosby?  What will happen next?  Its a hilarious show and i want to know about your views on the show.....
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(H) gotta love the appear offline option
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This is for anyone who loves to hang out with other fun, NOT uptight couples! Anyone joining this club should like laughing, talking about EVERYTHING, dancing,going out to dinner and basically just...
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Alberta home
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A place to enjoy our beautiful culture, cooking, wine & passion
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Club for fans of Battlestar Galactica series
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Please help protect these defenseless animals from slaughter by signing the petitions... Together We can make a difference!!!
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;) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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Nom nom :)
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Under Construction! Catch up on some of ur fav TV shows on Wire :D
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:S Bring it on!
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I realised I have the power to be invisible in chatrooms! I can say anything, people still dont respond haha
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