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The longing before eternity, the bliss before the fall. The sweet stain of blood these arrows soak before my last breath. I tell myself "This time is forever." hoping that we can both believe the impossible has happened. Time can stop just this once; life can wait for us both.

We should know by now, neither are so kind. But hearts beg us to ignore our minds. Emotions plead for insanity, to try just one more time. We should have learned this river drowns its victims, yet we gladly submerge. What fools we are, so happy to ride into the abyss.

Carl Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The next few days were completely filled with the most wonderful music that filled Carols heart with joy. Most of the town seemed to be caught up in the song, and there weren't nearly enough people to cook for him.

Though, for some reason he didn't mind too much that they were making these noises they called music and singing. Carl even liked the noises they made from different shaped wood and stone they called instruments.

And since Ilóré told him they were making it for him, and that it would help him learn to cook, it made him feel special. In the same way his mothers wing made him feel special when he was younger, wrapping around his whole body, and covering him with warmth.

Though he loved the feeling music gave him, and the beautiful feeling it gave him, he had to stretch his wings. He ran jumping from tree to tree, with a giant flap after each leap propelling himself higher and higher until he escaped the confinement of the giant shimmering trees.

Flying above the forest he flaps hard then tucks his wings spinning into a barrel role then swoops down gliding just above the tree tops, seeing a horse running along just as fast as him down below. So he swoops down challenging the beautiful black beast, dodging through the now scattered trees, and hopping off the ground. Faster and faster they race towards an ever growing beautiful harmony.

There they see an odd looking human dressed in all green making the music by moving his fingers across strings attached to an odd shaped piece of wood. Stopping just before him, Carl seemed entranced by the oddly calm and happy tune coming from a human whos face matched the feeling.

He turned to see the horse trotting, letting his hooves hit the ground matching speeds with the guitar. So he joined in, trotting in a circle opposite the now obviously large and majestic horse. As they matched speeds, he could hear a faint singing echoing and growing in his head. Was it just his imagination, or was the horse singing in his mind?

The voice sent the feeling of something once lost being reborn, and images of various beautiful plants growing, and as Carl fell into the sensation the plants actually began to grow out of the rows of dirt.

They swung their necks side to side in unison with their trot, seeing the beautiful flowers bloom, and vegetables ripen slowly but surely over what must have been hours but felt like minutes.

After the music ended, Carl's awareness came back to the field of dirt. There was one almost elf looking human, and the giant horse staring at him. Then he heard the voice which was distinctly the horse's speaking to him.

"Hello there, beautiful dragon." Lowering to one knee, and gracefully swooping her head she said "I am Ella," Swooping her head to point at the human while standing she continued "and this is my friend Gabriel." Now looking him straight in the eye "We thank you for helping regrow the sacred garden, that was lost was lost to the orcs."

With an amused flapping of his wings "I am Carl, of the Blue Phoenix tribe, and I very much enjoyed your noise movements. The happiness is mine."

Stamping her hoof "The phoenix blood must run thick in your veins, blue dragon, I've never rebirth magic work so well before. We are truly honored to have met such a wondrous being such as yourself."

Flapping his wings again "Hahahah, I think they just call themselves Blue Phoenixes, because they hate these words Sky Lion." Turning to look at Gabriel. "Can you have your human make more of these noises?"

Making a similar swoop as Ella, he began playing again saying "It would be my pleasure, Carl." Then he began playing a song with one hand, and making fluid motion with his other hand weaving flowers just beyond the garden into a beautiful necklace.

Carl was shocked to see the guitar kept playing as he put it down and walked over to place the flowers over his bending head.

Sensing the shock Ella explained "He is a telekinetic healer, so he has to learn to move things quickly and precisely with his mind. Playing guitar, is part of the training they go through sharpen their skills."

Lifting his head, and swinging his neck back and forth to see his neck from different angles. "Amazing! Ive never seen such a smart human before. I thought, they were all slow creatures, but you are a good one!"

Stamping her hoof harder and laughing she said "Yes, he is a good one. That is why I chose him. We travel all over, and Ive never found a better one."

Leaning forward in interest "Where do you go?"

With that Ella proceeded to tell Carl all about this adventures, from learning the basic solar breathing technique, to saving several villages, to finding this place, and teaching other healers. Carl found it all quite interesting and decided he wanted to heal others too.

Chapter Four: A difference in thought.
They spent the rest of the day, teaching Carl how to to clear his mind and having him feel all the energy around him. Something he did quite well... after fed. And then learned to tell the difference between them.

The next day he learned how to absorb solar energy. He realized that he had done so naturally all along, but with the new technique, he did so much faster and more efficiently. He could tell the flowers Gabriel had given him were still alive thanks to his magic, he liked that very much.

On the third day Gabriel did his best to explain, the basics of healing, but Carl didn't understand him as well as he did Ella, and was very upset that he didn't make the progress.

Chapter Five: A Great Gift

As Carl woke up in his loft atop the eldest non-arcane tree, he realized the music had stopped. He stretched front to back, like a cat with wings, gentility flapping them, then stretching them again to soar down to where he heard all the different two legs making mouth noises again, when suddenly he heard Ilore again.

"Hello honored dragon. Will you join us in the field of celebration?" he said giving a mental image of the path to take.

Thinking of the food he'd once gotten he quickly replied while flying faster "Yes!" Getting in eyeshot of the meeting place, he noticed the entire village was there, even those who lived on the outskirts. All of which seemed to be making happy mouths, and starring at him.

Feeling slightly disappointed he did not smell food, he asked Ilore "What is happening? I do not smell food?"

To which Ilored responded in a happy mood "We're going to give you something that will let you cook it for yourself."

Shocked, Carl danced in a circle, then spun around, stood on his tail flapping his wings. "I will make delicious food?!"

Ilore projected loudly to be clear through the cheering of the crowd "Yes, you will make food, now please step forward, and lower your head."

After doing so Gabriel, stepped forward and removed his necklaced of flowers, and sang them to a pot, where they glowed dazzlingly. Then just as soon as Carl began to feel the loss of the flowers, they were replaced by a giant shimmering necklace.

The necklace had nine multi-colored gemstones from smallest in back, to the largest at the bottom, with two long deep purple crystals on each side of it. The necklace fit his feathery mane perfectly, and as soon as it was on the world seemed to become as colorful as the necklace itself.

He suddenly understood the meaning of so many things around him. What all the buildings around him were, what all the mouth noises meant... words they were talking... and he could talk! And so he proclaimed "I can talk! And I know how to cook!"

Laughing and smiling with everyone else, Ilore said "It's nice to see that your new found knowledge hasnt changed your priorities, great dragon."

Happily flapping his wings he asked. "This is great, how is this even possible?"

With a smile and a gesture of his hands Ilore responded "My father, who made this town from song, was a great composer. Everything he wrote, has become legend. This necklace, was his last piece. Of course, my sister Illina transcribed it to fit you specifically, and the whole town helped make it." He continued to go into great detail, when he was interrupted by Carl's stomach rumbling.

A lady in brown black pants, and a brown shirt barked "Oi! We'd better let him eat, with a growl like that, it's only a matter of time before that stomach of his starts biting!" The crowd laughed again.

Carl laughed to, finally getting a joke. Unknowingly he accidentally set Ilores hair on fire. Then stopped staring in shock with everybody else.

Ilore just stared back dumbfounded, then made a gesture of his hand putting it out. Then as everybody laughed again, Carl snorted fire from his nostrils trying to hold it in. Then breathed deep and said. "Im so sorry, Ive never really laughed before."

Ilore just smiled and made another gesture as his long black hair grew back and evened itself "It is alright, Ive been in hairier situations."

Carl laughed again, this time pointing his flames to the air. Just before, someone rolled out a giant pile of fish and herbs for Carl to test his newly found magic abilities on.

Carl began to sing a beautiful song, preparing the fish just as he'd seen done before shedding the scales, pulling out all the bones then breathing fire to cook them. Though he accidentally burned them.

Ilore said, "Ehhhh, well I guess you still need actual experience to perfect some things." As Carl added entirely too much spice to the blackened fish. Then just stood in silence staring as Carl devoured all of the poorly cooked fish in glee.

Before anybody got a chance to react horns sounded echoing throughout the town. Instinctively, Carl knew exactly what they meant and shot into the air, flying faster than before. As he shot up to the clouded sky to see a giant army approaching. And an army of giants, in the giant army armed with giant arms in their giant arms.

He noticed just below the darkened clouds there was an odd movement, huge black birds with orcs on top of some. Looking back below to the army, he noticed the giants were either red, or had orcs on top of them. Then he heard Ilores voice in his head asking him what he saw, then he began to relay the information.

Ilore replied "Be careful, I doubt fire will work as well as it did last time, they prepare themselves for what ever defeated them last time. You should take Shiara with you, she'll be of great help."

Just then a young female half-elf came jumping atop the trees, speaking to Carl "Hello, honorable dragon, may I ride you into this battle?" She continued while standing on a leaf "As you can see, I am very light."

Carl understood she might be skilled, but didnt like the idea of someone being on his back so he just kept flying towards the battle, noticing that she was keeping up just below.

The closer Carl got to the the army, the more he realized just how daunting his situation was. It had to be at least five times larger than the other army, and some of the giants weren't just resistant to fire... they were fire, and lava...

Carl Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The day was bright and full of hope. The winds sent a strong breeze west, where he'd go right over the ancient elves. The elves looked almost as silly as humans, but their manner was dignified making them beautiful.

Above all, they always offered meals, and sang songs that seemed to make his heart feel happy. Especially the tree shapers. But as he started getting closer and closer, the air seemed to be turning black from smoke, and the trees were ablaze.

Carl knew the elves wouldn't make a mistake this stupid like their slower cousins. So he hastened his pace to go see what idiots were in charge. Suddenly he saw a band of filthy orcs and giants burning the trees, knocking over homes, and worse yet destroying all of the food that can't be found anywhere else.

Thinking about the delicious fish he may never taste again, he dove in snapping one giants neck from behind with his talons, and burning another one along with two dozen orcs, in a downward breath pushing him in the air, before he spread the flames among the next wave of orcs and giants, pushing him even higher.

Seeing that they were shooting sharp sticks at him, he went higher and higher. Then he saw some silly orc riding a giant pointing at him. Carl hated being pointed at, so he spit a giant lavalugi on him and his stupid giant. When he finally saw the pointy ears come and slay the filthy creatures with their handfangs, dancing between them, and making their body parts fly in the air like frightened birds.

When all the ugly ones were dead, the elves made the most beautiful noises. The fires all went out. Roots came from the ground pulling all the ugly ones down, and growing back many beautiful flowers and trees. The smoke all got sucked into the ground, and the flowers bloomed while the trees all grew leaves. It was truly a beautiful day indeed.

Flying to the ground, looking for the one that gives food, he saw the creatures making the same mouth movements the food giver always did before he fed him. Then one of them spoke to Carl in his mind.

Ilóré: Thank you, beautiful dragon, you saved our village. What do we owe the honor, how may we repay you for your deeds.

Carl: I came seeking the tall hat one, that's makes silly faces and feeds me. I saw that the ugly ones burning all the food, so I burned them. If you want to repay me, you can give me the bright fish with the horned jumping creatures.

The man, made bigger mouth movements, then made barking noises at the other elves like human, then they all made happy yells, with the weird faces. One started crying and two fell over.

Carl thought this was very odd, and never heard of with elves before.

Then Ilóré mind spoke in a way that made the whole dragons body fill with happiness "Please forgive me, I never thought all our families would be saved by a dragons appetite. Yes, we will fix you as many meals as you want. Come to the village with us, and we will prepaid them quickly."

Carl followed them, as he saw fish and shelled creatures being levitated out of the river. He saw them dancing and singing as the scales, bones, shells, and other nasty parts were taken away from the meat, then absorbed into the ground. And small delicious smelling dust came from many plants surrounding the meat, then mixing inside with a dim green flame surrounding the food, and joining their dance.

After the song and dance were over, the most delicious aroma Carl had ever smelled lingered in his tongue and nose until he couldn't take it anymore.

Carl ate the massive amount of food that seemed bigger than his body, with each bite so delicious time seemed to slow with each bite, and his scales became brighter and brighter, until it seemed like he was glowing... Intact... He was glowing!

All of the elves stared in amazement of the slightly larger, now glowing dragon. Then he magistically spread his wings, and pooped glowing fertilizer right there... in the dinner quarters.

A few elves burst into their happy barks and yells again while the rest sang and dances the fertilizer to its rightful place in the plants where they too began to glow a bright blue shimmer, and turned the most beautiful colors, and smelled even more delicious.

Ilóré spoke to him in his body pleasing happiness again "What a wonderful being you are. Please, is there anything else we can do for you? Anything at all. Something better than just a meal?"

"Better than a meal?" Carl was confused. "What could be better than a meal?". Then he suddenly realized. "Show me how to create more meals like those, so that I can eat them whenever I like!"

Seeming not so happy as before Ilóré seemed not so happy as before, somewhat unsure. Then went to go make noises with the other elves. They made noises for a very long amount of time, until a woman in bright colored robes came and made noises with them. Then suddenly everyone was happy again, and Ilóré seemed happier than usual saying "If you're willing to stay with us, we can show you how to make food and more!"

Carl wasn't really sure he cared about the more, but decided that if he could eat more meals like that while he stayed then he would.

Carl the badass dragon. (Written slightly less than sober)

Carl was the most beautiful blue dragon ever. His name was given to him by his mom for the noises he made when he was a hatchling.

They were a feathery maned type of dragon know as sky lions, because they looked like a pack of blue lions flying around from underneath. Of course they didn't like being referred to as such slow dull fanged creatures. But Carl didn't mind, he thought lions were kinda cute. Though he didn't like the way they killed all those animals so slowly. He thought they should be more like him, and kill them quickly from behind with one clean peck to the neck.

Unlike most other Sky Lions, Carl didn't fly with the pack, he enjoyed the freedom of being alone, and go where ever the wind may take him. Also, Carl was a badass, and knew he didn't need any of his friends to fuck shit up.

One day Carl was flying into what some would consider human territory. If such stupid, slow, fumbly creatures could consider the land they live on theirs. And Carl smelled a particularly tastey smelling one.

So he decided he'd swoop down and eat it, then right before he snatched go the human he noticed, it wasn't him but the large bucket in front of him that smelled good. So instead of eating the human, Carl simply stuck his head inside the bucket eating all the food.

The silly human kept making ever sillier noises, and flailing his arms like one of his tree swinging cousins. At first Carl thought about eating him to make the noise stop, but decided the food was pretty good. Infact it was so good that Carl decided to fertilize their ground for them.

Most people don't know this, but the most magic part of a well fed dragon is their poop. So sharing such a thing is a great sign of respect.

Carl flew high and magestically spreading his bountiful fertilizer across the silly humans land. Feeling the kindness in his heart he flew back home, with a full belly, and a filled heart.


When life gets too tangled, I try to untie these knots. Sometimes I wonder if I should cut these Gordian monstrosities, or attempt what Alexander could not. Here I sit, confused in the threads... Here I sit lost in my head.

Skull and Shark

While looking through the comment section of a LazerHawk album, I came across this comment. "All this merch, music, concept art, and trailer... yet no actual comic... what happend...!?
someone at least give me the excuse as to why this never became a comic."

So I felt the need to respond.

"I feel like the answer is obvious. The skeleton began fighting the gang, because they kidnapped his little brother. To them he was to be a sacrifice, in order to regain their living bodies.

Taking on a curse for the power to take over the city, they didn't realize it meant they could no longer enjoy the pleasures they'd once thrived on while living. No sex, no drugs, no taco bell... for them they'd do anything to change this.

But when the leader and most powerful of the gang, found out it was his still living brother to be sacrificed, he turned on them and fought with all his might. But they were all undead and undying. So he was overpowered and locked away.

Taking the brother of their former leader to sacrifice inside the ancient shark tank of destiny, they tossed him in screaming. But in that moment he realized his true power and path, becoming one with the sharks and obtaining all their knowledge, he burst free of his holding. Then running over his former captures to free his immured sibling.

Smashing through the cage with his face, then giving the most epic highfive known throughout the galaxy, he unlocked his brothers hidden potential. Thus began the true story of Shark man and Skeleton."

The Warrior's Eloquence

Okay, before you read this you should understand there is a newly created "Spell of Eloquence" that allows people to speak how they wanted to, even if they always tripped over their tongue, or never spoke before in their lives. These are the words of a silent hero, speaking in the poetry of his people.

Step after step ... Breath after breath
Saved so many lives ... Brought even more death.
Only Joined for the former... Only remember the latter.
When I wake in the dark ... From nightmares or rather,
The dreams of a monster ... Who is the one to fear.
Who takes with my hands ... What is held most dear.
The sake, only a king ... Who speaks only of victory.
Of battles he's never seen ... But knows their history.
Written with their pen ... But carved by my sword.
Echoed with screams ... But sang with chord.
Blood soaked in the earth ... Stories written in the stars.
Such pretty ink ... For such ugly scars.

As you've probably noticed the words don't line up evenly, but rather are spoken length relevance to emphasis. So, they take the same still take the same time to say.

Higher taxes on the rich.

I hear the argument that higher taxes on the rich "Punish people for being successful." as a moral argument when discussing effective policies entirely too frequently.

Firstly, taxes that increase at higher brackets don't "punish" anyone. They reward you less. Getting money isn't punishment, even if it's less than you wanted.

On the other hand, taking someone off healthcare and letting them suffer and die is punishment. Frequently, it's punishment for being born differently. And I'm sorry, but we have to choose between the two. We either have to reward extremely successful people less, or let people be punished for being born. So can you please drop this ridiculous pseudo-moral argument from an economic discussion?

Dear Trump Haters

I emplore you do not march in the streets. Do not hate your fellow man. Instead make a habit of writing your congressman to encourage they use the filibuster frequently, and bare no shame in breaking the same rules Republicans did.

There's no need to be hateful, just stop as much as his destructive idiocy as possible. That is all.

Learning, Punishment, and systematic failures. pt one (Rough Draft)

We all learn differently, but every time we pay attention we learn so much more than we know. We learn how things work, what attitude to have, and how to act. Though, we are all wrong a lot more than we'd like to admit, especially when it comes to how to respond to mistakes. Our system reflects this by focusing more on punishing the guilty than saving the innocent, which leads to various systematic failures of society.

While in school we learn our subjects with varying degrees of success, but what we all learn with certainty is that failure is not accepted, mistakes are shameful, and getting good grades is more important than actually learning the subject. You don't understand the subject on time, you get left behind. You learn people from our educational system don't/ can't help you catch up.

Though, as bad as these may be, the impacts of our prison system may be worse. It's so easy to go to jail over something minor, and they learn quickly how cruel the world can be, and how cruel you may have to become to survive it. They learn paranoia is a justifiable trait, because the person next to you may want to rape you, stab you, steal anything you have.

Prisoners learn that they're no longer able to become anything good in society. If they have kids they're no longer able to provide for them. School, food, clothes, a place to live... any or all of these may be at jeopardy, and there's not a damn thing they can do about it. Then they have to learn what it's like to feel like nothing but a piece of shit, that just sits there and rots.

We teach them to hate themselves and the world around them more than they've ever known. Then many get out, and teach those around them they should be paranoid, selfish, and hate the world around them too. They teach you if you help someone, you're a sucker waiting to be used and thrown away, because that's what this world does.

Many people wonder why there's so much violence in America, and why our society is the way it is. I think a big part of it is due to the system's influence on our culture. Yes, the people ultimately have the last word on what society does, but when we've all gone through the archaic educational system, and such a large portion of us suffer our barbaric justice system, it's going to change the way people act.
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