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Essence of a Dream (It's pretty old)

As conscious fades and subconscious is disclosed.

I see true beauty as my eyes are closed.

For this is a beauty for my third to show.

A beauty riddled in truths above and below.

My eyes move rapidly as the thoughts begin.

Creating a world around me a world with in.

A world for my everlasting mind,

so my tired body may begin to rest.

All of my thoughts merged molded, shaped sculpted, symbolically upholded begin to manifest.

I see the tops of the mountains, I feel the cool breeze.

I smell it’s aroma, and hear the wind through the leaves.

This taste in my mouth is so sweet.

I since my soul may finally be at peace.

So I grab this moment, I squeeze it and hold it.

If I remember in the morning I’ll never let go of it.

The way I could just clear my mind,

and make my body completely weightless.

Free to fly away from my crimes,

my greed , my vanity, my fear, my hatred.