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Just writing it so I'll do it.

For my nephew:
I hope I get to hang out with him today. His mom is there, and he broke his leg. Though, I'm pretty sure he'd appreciate me coming to hang out. I'll play games with him, and get him to do a few extra educational activities, if my sister-in-law lets me.

For my project:
I'm going practice my speech for an hour off camera in the mirror. Then I'll make test runs for the length of my SD card and review.

For working out:
Today is push up day.
I've decided I'm going to go through a deck of cards 3 times today, and do how ever many push ups are on them. Everything over ten is still ten. I'll do it every five-fifteen minutes (aside of being around my nephew, cause I don't want his mom thinking I'm a weirdo.) I'll also work out calves and abs.

For writing: I already wrote two pages after jogging by hand. I need to get at least five in on PC even if they suck. I'll finish the story for Karla from the 20 words she wrote for me. If anybody took the time read this, you can give me any 20 words you want and I'll write a short story or poem from it... or maybe a poetic short story.