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Rough draft for Karla

There was once a dragon that played in the meadow with out much care. She loved the smell of flowers, the touch of grass, and the site of all things green and pure. As she was green and pure.

One day while playing in the fields she encountered a young boy, who too loved the wilderness. At first he was frightened by her splendor and power, but after short into their first conversation he realized they had much in common. Not just the wilderness, but being somewhat outcast because of it. It was then that the boy put a crown of flowers on the dragon, the flowers began to glow and spread root as to stay fixed upon her head.

The boy soon began to sneak out at night to visit the dragon, as it knew people might see him with her and misconceive their relations as dragons were thought to be evil creatures. And as such the flowers around the dragon seemed to grow from the moon more than the sun. They seemed to grow in the patterns of the stars like the sky above them.

The boy retuned to play with the dragon most every day, and slowly grew in age. Until the boy met a girl. Though, still very close to the dragon in heart, he desired the girl beyond all else, and found it hard to make time for the dragon. He still visited a few times a week for shorter lengths. Then once every few weeks. Then he was gone for three months with out a word. The dragons flowers slowly began to grow darker.

The boy returned to the dragon with somewhat of a sad expression on his face. The dragon still happy just to see him did tricks of all sorts and showed him the new flowers her magic had created in his absence. The boy forced a faint smile and told her that flowers could not help him this time. What he needed was gold to marry the girl, and so gold was what she was going to get him. But the problem was that the girls father favored a young prince that had his eye on his daughter. So the boy needed enough gold to compete with his wealth.

The dragon started trying to acquire gold through selling it’s flowers, but people just ran screaming or attacked it any time it came near. So the dragon thought and thought about what to do to get the money. Then suddenly it dawned on it that she could just take the treasure the prince owned. And that’s is just what she did. This made her even darker. Also, the boy did not return for her or the money, because after the prince had nothing, the father let the boy marry his daughter with the little wealth that he’d acquired. And if people saw him going back to the dragon, it would put a rift in his family. Upon discovery of this through time and thought the dragon cried and turned bitter and darker until it was black. The crown on her head rotted with sadness and became poisoned and thorny like her soul. She then laid on the gold and cared for it instead of the things green.

Many years passed silently and alone for the dragon. Seasons changed, leaves fell, ice melted, she did not care. It scared off or killed anyone that came near. Until one day a group of knights came to slay her for the deaths caused, and to take the gold to buy defenses. The dragon killed many of the men, but was slain with an enchanted arrow. The shooter then walked up to the dieing dragon, and removed his helmet to reveal a familiar face. He then said “May father told me of you being a gentle creature, and growing up with you.”

The dragon not caring much for what was left of it’s life was just happy to see the face again and replied “Then you are the boys child… Yes, your father was the only thing that ever made life worthwhile for me.”

The young man removed a flower with black petals. “He told me that you gave this to him, and that it was more important to him than all the gold in the world before he died.”

A faint smile seemed to creep across the dragons face as tears shed, and she became green and white once more as did the flower. Her last thoughts were a hope to help what she’d loved for eternity. The thorny crown upon her head too became white and green, but still retained it’s thorns. Tears flooded the boys face as he could feel all of her emotions, and he realized that he was the reason they could never meet again. Yet both of them trusted him with everything they’d loved.