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Contemplation of Our Species and Education

What does it mean to be a successful human? Most I know think it means reproducing and accumulating objects, but I am inclined to disagree being as it's leading to the downfall of our species. So if not the norm, then what?

Well, I believe that it would be portraying the traits that would help the human race survive longer. The reduction of using resources, cohabitation with the life around us, furthering the knowledge that may allow us to live outside this planet, simply bring resources to it, or any such things would drastically improve how long and the quality in which we live. Though, I know this sounds superficially hippie to many, it isn't necessarily.

Creating new technology to save gas in cars would help the world much more than protesting that we must all ride bikes ever would. Informing about insulation and other easy energy saving techniques does much more than trying to get people to camp and not use them. We're a stubborn species, and trying to get us to change must be done in a much more innovative manner.

That's why in trying to create an evolving educational system, I never ever suggest that anything should be forced. But rather to be guided with the flow of what humans already enjoy doing. Which as of now isn't incredibly difficult, because most people don't really enjoy education. Not that I can blame them, the draconian rules they constantly enforce goes against the grain of what we in the free world are constantly taught in every other area of life.

We're taught how precious our freedom is from very early on, then we go to a place that won't even let us talk, stand, or even use the bathroom when we want. Not to mention we have to read and learn at the same rates as all of the other students in the classroom. This effectively takes away all feeling of freedom that we're so used to enjoying. Then we have the audacity wonder why very few actually want to learn.

This disturbs me greatly, especially when I think about how important proper education is to the survival of the human race. If we're going to grow and evolve our customs, beliefs, ideals, and actions we must have them taught to us properly. Such things are never going to occur in a classroom that denies our personal rights.

If you look at the idiocy portrayed on reality shows such as Jersey Shore, Honey Boo Boo Child, and any spin off of The Flavor of Love, the only slightly appealing thing I can see is that they do what they want. It just so happens that what they want is completely retarded, helps no one, and quickens the destruction of our species.

This leads me to the conclusion that we must find a way to incorporate such freedoms in education to make people actually WANT to learn. As apposed to this philosophy of making us HAVE to learn in order to gather objects and reproduce with the mate of our choice.

If we can find a way to tap into the vein of our will, then we may find our potential is met more and more every day. And that we don't have to be such a plague on life and our planet. We, like no species before us, has the potential to stop mass genocide.

We have the potential to stop asteroids from hitting us, climate change from wreaking havoc, and maybe even to lessen the damage of super volcanoes. However, we're never going to do that when continuously reward those who don't care if humanity fails.

People who frac drill cause various earth quakes get paid more than any teacher could dream of making. Oil and coal companies get more money and tax breaks than renewable energy sources. Honey Boo Boo Child (yes I mentioned the beast twice in this rant) is more famous than any scientist of our day. There are more lawyers than doctors, and sports are more cared about in colleges than education.

However, we can change this. There is still hope. We just have to be creative and have enduring will power to show how much better life is when you know you're doing the right thing. How happy you can be without a lot of material objects, and how gratifying helping others truly feels. We can change our lives, and those around us. It might not be easy at first, but it is possible and completely worth it.