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Wheel of Time movies?

Yes, that's right the Wheel of Time movie was supposed to be due this year. Like the rest of you, I just hope it's better than the book covers. Or in other words, lets just pray to God(s), science, Tom Cruise, or what ever you believe in that it isn't a repeat of Eragon. *shivers*

Though, the graphic novels are drawn much better than the covers, which at least have a better idea of what the characters look like. What's that... you've never heard of the WoT comics? Well, if you look around I'm sure you can find them free some bay or another. *cough* Wow, that's some internet cold I'm catching.

Anyway, I the sheer lack of information I can find on it, probably means it's being pushed back. Which is probably for the best, considering they only had 7 figures to work with. I guess they decided with Jordan dying and all, they probably wanted to avoid the taint of making a cheap post LOTR magic movie that would make him roll in his grave and cast bale fire upon them.

I'd like to give some more information, but as I don't have Imd-pro, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1277941/ this and articals are all I'm stuck with. If any one of you internet rich people wants to help me out, I'd be forever... or at least a few months, in your debt.