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What's it worth?

No matter how left or right our government is, we're not going to get the results we want as long as bribes are legal. Because the people we elect to represent the whole are getting paid to represent the few, and those few have been shown time and time again to be above the law.

We could blame them for bribing the politicians. We could blame the politicians for taking the bribes. We could blame ourselves for electing them over and over, no matter how failed both major parties are. We could blame the media for persuading us to elect them. We could blame the politicians again for only showing up on media networks that make them look better, us again for watching, etc, etc.

Though, it's really just a giant cycle. The more we focus on pointing fingers, the less we look for actual solutions. There has been a schism amongst the voters on so many issues that we ignore the most important one. We're too busy arguing about gay marriage, abortion, stem cell research, tax brackets, and everything else under the sun to remember what we all agree on... We don't like being robbed.

I'm not talking about the misuse of tax dollars... Though, that is atrocious, and part of the problem. But what I'm really talking about is the dollar sign being put on our freedom. Our rights, privileges, and security are constantly being threatened and taken.

All they have to do is scream terrorism and we lose rights to privacy, and trial. As long as they wait until there is a big enough controversy else where, they can take away the security we have on our nations debt, the safety of our food.

So just remember next time you decide to hate someone because of their political belief, you're not just wasting your time by arguing about an opinion you'll never change. You're losing an ally in the fight for freedom.