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WTF do we still use laser discs? Nerd Rage Chronicles Vol. 1

I've been cleaning through my house, and I found a few hundred DVDs I was supposed to make space for. So, now I'm just buying an external hard drive and saving them all to quail the anger as I throw almost all of them away... Save the ones with really cool art work.

I just keep thinking, what use do discs even have? They take up more space, resources, are terrible for rewriting, much more easily damaged, generally annoying, cost more money on every angle than SD, USB, or simply downloading to a hard drive. And when you think about it, only really make money for the manufacturers of the discs and machines that play them.

For years I've really despised these things from them being damaged for hitting a bump in the road and leaving them on a counter, or super annoying about having to clean every time you smudge them with a fingerprint. But now there is literally no reason to have them outside of the newest videogames, and this is for the sole purpose of companies making money.

I get it, they want to sell a machine that costs a lot of money, and have people argue over them. I'm fine with that, not morally, but it makes logical sense. People taking the route that makes them the most money will always make sense to me.

Here's what I don't get. CDs/ DVDs are so widely used, I can't buy a full sized laptop that doesn't have a player without getting one specialized. Every song, movie, game, or software you want can be downloaded... even legally if you really want to pay. So, why don't I at least of the option of not having this stupid popping out when I don't want to, space taking piece of shit on my computer?

Why can't I just buy the artwork for an album I love with a code that lets me dl their content, or just take a USB with me and get it from the store? It's not like putting their songs on a disc is going to keep anybody from ripping it and sharing it with everyone anyway.

AND WHO THE FUCK EVEN BUYS VIRUS PROTECTION FROM WAL-MART?! Who are these people?! They have it there, so apparently it's selling. Enough so to take up space that could be used for books... which would probably suck anyways, cause it's Wal-Mart.

Anyway, I should stop writing this, and do something less angering with my time. But if anybody has a legit reason why people still buy discs other than they're stupid marketed sheep, I'd like to know.

Dream Journal Vol. 1

I had a dream last night that I could move atoms with . At first all I could do was create heat and light, but it was not until I stumbled along a piano that I discovered my true powers.

Something beckoned me to play in this crowded room, though I did not know how. My fingers played a song that let rays light pierce the room, and clouds become. And I noticed souls were but stained glass windows begging to be shattered by the perfect teardrop, so I granted them.

Note: When I woke up I realized my subconscious had just molded moonlight sonatas first and third movements with, Tocata unt Fugue, Freedom, and Lateralus. But during the dream I thought it was completely original.

My fingers moved as my soul willed, and other layers of the piano appeared when needed. It seemed like hours, and I realized I'd gone too far. Everyone was alone and broken like a motherless child. This holy resonance was far too powerful to chase desires, for dragons may never be caught.

So I slowly shifted into what I thought of as The Summer of Schism, and went backwards to very Vivaldi like Spring of Mending. And though, I'd done my best to bring them all back. When everything had returned, many were missing.

Johnny Depp's head from Edward Scissor hands was on the body of a mad scientist. He'd stolen them all and placed everyone's brains in a vials of a juices made from their souls. He was experimenting who's brains would be happiest with who's souls, to see if true love and soul mates really existed.

Then he begged me for help, saying I was the only one that could do the same to him and his dying wife. This way they could be together forever, all I had to do was play the song again. My first thought was to burn him, but then how would I save all those people.

And many people believe doing unto other's as would be done unto them is backbone of all morality. He wasn't evil, yet completely disastrous. And had I not helped him? It seemed all too real, and in the panic of this disgustipated sight I awoke frustrated and confused.