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What I've been doing with my flu time.

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<title> Ultimate Round House Kicks of all Times</title>
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<p>From the Dawning of man kind there have been ten ultimate round house kicks that gave birth to our civilization. This is a closer looks at those kicks, and how they affect us today.</p>
<h1>David Dudley</h1>
<p>Of course starting off the list had to be when Chuck Norris split the red sea to help Moses free the slaves. Without which Egyptians would still use slaves to make all buildings look like pyramids to this day.</p>
<p>It's a little known fact that Jean Clead Van Dam taught roundhouses to the peasants to lead the French revolution. It is greatly overlooked, but is the foundation of all Democracy.</p>
<p> Westly Snipes onces roundhoused his way back in time to kill John Wilks booth and save Aberham Lincoln, without which we would never have the right to free icecream on Fridays. Thank you Mr. Snipes.</p>

Dream Journal Vol2: Thanks President Cosby

I remember being interrogated in a room with a patch on my arm. There were three people beside me, all with weird looking cartoon characters in the same spot. I can't remember their faces, but I remember the tattoos of Porky Pig smoking a blunt on the fat one's arm, and Daffy Duck on acid on another's.

There was a man in a plaid military suit, beating the table. He grabbed one by the face and was looking in his eyes with anger yelling something about a hate crime. At that moment I realized there was a window, and jumped through it, hands tied behind my back with no hesitation.

The fall seemed slow, as if gravity had become lethargic, and didn't care. What goes up, can come down if it feels like it, I guess... So I was kicking, in the air to push myself forward. I made it just over a large wooden fence into an area with damp grass, and puddles of water. I remember running and trying to float so my socks didn't get wet.. I hate wet socks.

Then I remembered seeing a black hillbilly with long blonde hair yelling at me "So, you hate mice huh?" Shaking his hand and stomping in a murderous pace "My sister's a mouse, you son of a bitch!"

I didn't know what to think about that, so I just ran. I ran so fast my handcuffs came off. I turned around and threw gasoline that had been inside a gallon milk jug on him. I knew this would come in handy if he tried to light a fart on fire before he attacked me, and surely enough it worked.

Unfortunately the ground was wet, and he knew to stop, drop, and barrel role. That bastard Peppy must have been coaching him. Then he came rampaging with a strength stronger than his smell of moonshine and burnt hair. I pushed my hands out in fear only to force him back... I hadn't touched him, yet he'd been flung back all the same.

Then I realized, I could move water... how ever I wanted. I took this opportunity to toss him belligerently against buildings, trashcans, and finally off a bridge. I started running again quickly, who knew when the plaid would catch back up with me.

To be Continued...

Ignorance is bliss? Not very likely...

What a terrible phrase. To generalize so many different situations due to an extreme minority, it's just so horridly wrong. What's worse is, it sounds good, so people believe it. Like there's some kind of happiness gleaming over everything we don't know, and discovery some how brings pain and misfortune.

Would you consider ignorance of how to provide for yourself and your family bliss? How about being ignorant of how to get the girl of your dreams, cure a disease that will kill a loved one... or a painful STD that afflicts you?

Here's the thing about knowledge, sometimes it can bring pain. Having just enough to know your problems, but not enough to fix them can hurt. But that's the thing, cursing the knowledge you've acquired isn't going to solve anything. It's only going to make your problems seem that much worse.

If you have to curse something, curse your ignorance of the solution, not that the problem exists. At least that way, you'll start start heading in a direction with a solution. Though, it's really just best to stay calm, and take things how they are with out any extra mental stress added to the situation. Both minds and hearts are best without the stains of grief, anger, and hatred.