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So, my friends like to talk about sports...

All I hear is "Hey man, did you see when that one guy threw the ball, and the other guy caught it?"

"Yeah man, I liked the team that kept throwing and catching the ball. And they ran so fast on that field. I was so happy, it made me feel good for the rest of the day!"

"I didn't like that team. I thought the way they threw and caught that ball was bull shit. Every single time my team threw and caught the ball, striped shirt man didn't let it count. It was stupid striped shirt mans fault my team didn't allocate the ball properly. I didn't like him, and I'm mad at you. In fact I'm so angry about it, I'm going to get into a verbal confrontation with my wife for no reason when she steps in front of the screen."

Laughing at myself.

So, I went through Codecademy's html&CSS class. And now as I'm creating my own websites, I realize that I pretty much just figured out how to take the markers out of the box, and know how to put marks on a page.

But saying I can code would be like saying I can draw. I can make things look like what ever I want, but getting the mental image in my head of what I want them to look like is the problem.