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We as a society have a serious problem in deeming ones worth based on one action or set of actions. We judge entirely too high or low based on publicized events, too harshly based on opinions, but most frighteningly can take away their value as a human being if we hate an action enough.

If we like a persons acting or music we freak out everytime they do some mundane shit, because they are "more like us." "ErMG did you hear these people are dating, read this book, and even like this music?!" If we dislike their music or acting we laugh at, and attack every little fucking thing about them. "OMG Becky, did you see that picture of them look weird when they were blinking or dared to go to the store without makeup? It's almost as bad as Ricky Martin coming out of the closet!"

-slight tangent- Did you know he actually gives a very large portion of his time and money to keep people from starving to death now? I guarantee if it had been Freddy Mercury doing that at any point in his life, there'd be 50 million memes dedicated to it, and a literal 50 million dollars would be donated to the cause.

If someone has differing political values, musical tastes, or just talks/ dresses in a way we don't like, it's generally accepted to shun them. It doesn't matter what they actually do with their lives or what their goals in life are, it's the norm to just to ignore them/ be mean and nasty.

If someone is rich and famous, they are much more likely to get away with a crime. As a society we accept this, even if we don't like it. We'll freak out and trample people for good deals on electronics, but rights and freedoms... eh, got better things to do.

Worst of all in so many ways, especially legally, we will devalue someone as a human because they do or say something wrong. If a politician cheats on his wife or says something inappropriate, it no longer matters how they voted or what they did for society, unless they're some kind of magician (Bill Clinton), they're going to get the boot. Which is really terrible, because we care more about someone telling a bad joke than we do about them voting against civil liberties.

If someone gets caught selling weed, we think it's okay to put them together with murderers, rapist, and other violent criminals. Along with thieves, who if they stole something from you get punished by then living off of your tax dollars, because they need to suffer.

I'm not saying I never make any of these mistakes, and I'm never mean when I shouldn't be. But I am saying this sense that we must punish is often confused with defense or justice, and it is wrong regardless of how many of us make it.