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When it's okay to lie.

Okay let's start with the black and the white I think everybody can agree on. I hear a lot of people say it's never okay to lie, but lets face facts sometimes it's the right thing to do. Specifically to avoid unjust persecution.

Examples: Not telling the Nazi's someone is Jewish.
Telling the police you don't know where Harrison Ford is.
Responding around police officers like you've never ever done drugs.

However, it's also clearly wrong to lie in many circumstances. Specifically lying when you know it's going to hurt someone, to get away with something you knew was wrong, to further your own selfish desires.

Examples: Telling a nice person you didn't see laxatives put in their coffee.
Responding that no, you don't know where that thing you just stole from them is.
Telling everyone that you're an astrophysicist doctor celebrity superstar.
(Note: I said that randomly but realized I actually described Neil DeGrasse Tyson.)

Now for the grey area. And I feel it's important to notice that people will feel very strongly that it isn't a grey area on both sides. Therefore choosing the opposite side as someone else might make them angry or avoid you.

Examples: Lying to someone close because you know they're going to over-react.
White lies to make someone happy.
Lying to make a story more interesting.