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And now a word from our republican sponsers.

Blah blah blah, fuck math, and counting in general.
Blah blah blah, fuck science, and any sort of evidence.
Obama is evil, Praise god, it says to vote republican in the bible.

PS: Reagen would have solved all our problems, we hate you libs.

Altruism doesn't exist?

So, for the longest, I've heard the argument that altruism can't exist, because when you do something for someone else, you're secretly thinking about yourself. The way it makes you feel, cause it makes you sleep better at night, what ever the case if you do something good, you'll feel good about it.

Though, personally I find this argument invalid. If you help someone just because of the feeling you get when you're helping them, I think that is altruistic. Just like the serial killer who targeted women because he thought women were evil, and he was making the world a better place is still a scum bag.

No, him thinking he was helping doesn't make him any less evil. And if you decide to help someone because it will give you a tingly feeling in your stomach, and you're not expecting them to pay you back, it's still altruistic. Of course that's just my opinion on the matter, you can think whatever you want.

Justice Addicts

The problem with always fighting evil is that evil doesn't always exist, so we create it. First we perceive it in those that differ from us, then we bring it to life with war, subjugation, and judgement. Then we keep it alive with retaliation, revenge, and counter judgement.

All too often we forget that we would do exactly as they are. We don't think about what would actually make them stop. We don't follow our own rules when it comes to them. Because they don't count; they are too different to understand.

All along proving that the same evil that lies in them also lies in us. "An innocent American dies in a bombing, we must bomb somebody even if innocents die on their side. Then they must bomb us back."

"People on the other side of the isle believe differently about gay marriage, they are immoral. We must hate them, and blanket blame and hatred. They must do the same back."

"People who do things different than us sexually are weird, and we should shame them, until they shame us, and we hate each other over something we'll never even see."

If any of this feels a little familiar, don't feel bad, it's only human.