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You know what this movie needs?

Michael Bay: Explosions and cleavage.
J.J. Abrams: That sounds pretty cool, but don't forget the lens flairs.
Michael Bay: Yeah, and lets change the characters names. I don't like them.
M. Night Shyamalan: Okay, you're doing it all wrong. These actors are showing way too much emotion. And what's with this ending? People are going to see it a mile away. Instead of blowing them up, they should have a weakness we could have exploited all along. Like air. Yeah, they want to take over our planet, but the only problem is they can't breath the air. I'm such a fucking genius.

My response to a friend who posted a male feminist's blog.


(When I write someone an essay, I mean it literally.)

I like and agree with about 80% of this. I'll just go through section by section, giving my point of view.

First, I'd like to state the guy in the pictures main problem is the shorts he's wearing, nobody wants to see that moose knuckle. Second, the look he's giving her is multiple times more offensive than the way he's sitting.

There's literally enough space for one of them to lay down. If more people show up, he should close his legs, or just stand up so they will all be more comfortable.

Offering Explanations While Male:
I don't know what gender has to do with explanations. I feel both genders are equal, and thus should be offered the same right to explain themselves.
I agree over explaining yourself can be a problem, however under explaining can be too. I don't think allowing someone to have a disbelief about you is the right thing to do, regardless if it makes you look better or worse than who you really are.
*I'd also like to note this entire article is an explanation no one demanded*

Salty Language:
I agree completely.

Genital Portraiture:
I agree completely.

Public Curiosity:
I agree with the sentiment. Though, raising your hand for a question is kinda weird in most places. I feel like tone and phrasing are not emphasized enough, if you don't know how the question is going to come out, you should probably keep it to yourself.

Besocked & Besandled:
I agree, unless you're wearing those shorts in the display picture, then you should probably rethink things a bit. Seriously, that is foul.

The Denial of Cultural Responsibility:
I'm really torn on this. While I believe we have the responsibility to stand up for people different than ourselves, I don't think we should lose the right to stand up for ourselves in all crowds.

No person should be negatively judged by the way they were born. Not one. To think otherwise is bigotry. It may not seem that way because white males have been in power, and have done terrible things. But I assure you, the negative repercussions of hatred still occur.

The demographic you should be speaking to are those with open minds or on the fence. If these happen to be straight white males, and they feel they're being bashed for the way they were born, they're going to turn away from your cause.

I feel that cause is acceptance, not exclusion. There is no need to tear down one group, to raise another. I think everybody should be reminded of this at some point. The thought that anyone's opinion is less valid because of the way they were born does nothing but stain the logic and reasoning of which it's based.

Having your opinion and eating it:
You should base your statements based upon the desired result, not how much your opinion means to you. You should base your opinions based on evidence, not on how you feel. You should base how you feel on what's going to best effect the situation, not what other people think. You can't control what other people think, you should just do your best to find out what they beliefs they hold. Then if possible, and in a reasonable setting explain the logic of your own without judgement towards theirs, unless the need arises.

I get the feeling this person lives in a very liberal area. It's nice and all if the only people you have to talk to are tolerable. But as someone from Arkansas, I have many times been outnumbered by bigots in debate, and still changed minds. That would have never happened had I kept my opinion to myself, nor would it have happened if I based my opinions of feelings rather than stone cold evidence.

Not Harassing other humans:
I agree completely.

Courting in the tinder age:

I agree completely, but would just add have some self respect. Seriously, if you can tell it's not going to work, you're not doing anyone any favors by pretending. Don't try to be someone you don't think you should be to make someone else happy. Don't date someone who's going to treat you like crap. Don't date someone who has unreasonable expectations for you. Don't date someone who's just using you. Don't date someone who isn't ready for the kind of relationship you want.

If you feel you don't have to change to satisfy them, or that you're going to change for the better, go for it. If not, be honest with yourself. Do you really want to be with them, or are you just trying to get in their pants?

If you decide to let them go, be kind and forward. Don't beat around the bush, but don't be cruel. Just let them know you don't think it's going to work. If they ask why, tell them as nicely as possible without hiding the truth. We're all growing human beings, they might not want to make the same mistake twice.

Mind your words.

After seeing an argument last over half an hour that started off about a hat, I feel I should a public service announcement. "Make your statements based on the intended result, not the sincerity in your heart." Yes, something might really bother you, but sometimes talking about it just isn't going to make anything better.

If you want to get a point across, you should first ask yourself "Will they listen to anything I say?" If yes "What way can I say this that they will listen?" If no "Well, what can I talk about that won't end up being an annoying drama shout fest?"

This is especially true when it comes to politics, religion, your honest thoughts, what they did in the past, what you did in the past, or anything that's going to promote an emotion that cannot be controlled.

Unless you really like drama, then ya know, popcorn and stuff.

Be the badass.

Too often in life people give them selves requirements to try hard to do better. "I'll work harder if I get paid more." "I'll be nicer, if my day goes well." "I'll be a better person, if I just get to date that person." Not only is this backwards, but once you get in the habit of making excuses, the reason will never be good enough.

You may never find a reason good enough to change, unless you're willing to do it for yourself. Then you become dependent on what ever that was to be the person you are. Don't do that. Instead, you should be the badass. Wake up in the morning and tell yourself "Being a badass is a hard job, but someone's gotta do it."

If your job doesn't pay well, give them more than they deserve. Make them wonder "How did we ever get so lucky hiring this person?" That way when you look for a better paying job, they will give you outstanding references. If your day isn't going well, make it. Or at least do what you can to make it suck less. Someone is being a jerkface? Good, be as little like them as possible,and it will make you look better in comparison. Can't get the person you want to be with? Oh well, become the person you want to be, and even if you're alone, there's always still at least one badass around.

Why we choose what food to eat.

When we eat, we generally biologically want to eat what tastes the best, or gives us the best feeling after we eat it.

With experience, it might have made us sick or we always ate it with a person we hate now, and so we just don't like it. Or maybe you ate it on the best night of your life, and even though it doesn't taste that great it helps you remember the good times in life.

Socially, some people eat glutton free even though they know it's not harmful, it's more expensive, and it makes your food taste worse. Why, so they can be like their friend that actually has a glutton allergy... or is just claiming to. Some people want to fix food so they can put pictures on the internet. And some use it as a status symbol, paying more for exotic foods etc.

Logically, we would usually choose what is healthy or cheap. Sometimes we don't eat the foods that taste the best, because we know our biological desire can be bad for our biology. Sometimes if we're poor, we don't choose the best tasting or healthiest food, because we know if we do that we won't be able to eat as much as we want, or do the things we want later on. Or maybe we eat something, because we are depressed and we know it will cheer us up to be able to move forward and stay productive, despite it being expensive and unhealthy.

Why do we decide?

I believe our desires stem from four different sources. Biological: what we are born wanting. Experience: things that have happened to us in the past that have shaped our understanding and feeling. Social: Wanting to be like some people, or not be like other. Logical: What we have contemplated, and appears to be the best solution, or means to our other desires.

Any given decision may have all of these at play. What you eat, who you date, what clothes you decide to wear, etc. The may conflict or work with each other, but they are almost always there.

Biologically we are all different in many ways, but the same in others. Some of us are programmed to follow the past of least resistance. While other's to try our hardest. Some to consider each and every possible outcome before making a decision. Some to just just be free and see where the world takes us. But we know what sensations make us happy. What music changes our emotions. What tastes make us crave more. What sites we find beautiful. What smells are innately pleasant. What touching us feels good.

Everything we've experienced in the past has in some part shaped our biological mold into who we are today. Virtually all of our logic does come from experience and knowledge, but that's not what I'm talking about. There are somethings you can't not remember. It could be a nostalgic memory, or a terrifying flashback. But there are things you were born enjoying or disliking that changed because of an experience. While the sensation itself may be exactly the same as it was, the memory it brings changes how much you like/ dislike it.

Humans are both the kindest and cruelest animals on the planet. It's no shock that we want to fit in to simultaneously avoid the wrath and gain the benefits of acceptance. When we identify ourselves as a certain type of person, we tend to agree with the ideas that make up this type of person. Whether it be republican, democrat, geek, nerd, jock, thug, feminist, fan of anything, religious denomination, or even gender. We tend to want agree with things popular people in those groups say, and make excuses for why they're right and even get upset if facts come out that prove them wrong. It can change what we want to buy, the words we use, how we present ourselves, who we decide to date, and so much more.

While this isn't always a bad thing. It can be very dangerous, or just plane foolish. It's true that we don't always know best, and sometimes just agreeing with a group of people like scientists is the best course of action. However, when it's a group of people like politicians, the media, or anybody that cherry picks evidence or just ignores it all together, things can get scary.

Logically we weigh the pros and cons of the other three, add in what we've learned, and what we can theorize to make what we believe is the best decision. It's not always used as the basis for making decisions for a multitude of reasons, even when it really should be. Sometimes thinking that much takes too much time or effort, and we just act.

Biological desires trumping logic is pretty much the seven deadly sins. Experience is usually some form of phobia. Social is generally gullibility or the fear of those who you identify as being like yourself as not accepting you.

There are too many specific examples to name, so I'll probably just write some extra blogs.